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Welcome to User Interviews, where different users who have had a major impact on the site will be interviewed over a set of questions, keeping the answers raw, and discussing a few things about the community and their personal lives

The user that will be interviewed today goes by the name @Travis Scott on the forum and on discord as well. He has contributed to help in many buys and has a major impact in the community with plans to continue, with his recent return after a break off the community.

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1. How would you introduce yourself to people that do not know about you here?
So if you were a new member on here and we got in contact I would just let you know I am here for the music man. I don't really care for all the beef and "the war is won" type shit that is all entertainment to me. If you cool with me imma be cool with you, I do be on the forums and discord. Massive Travis Scott stan but I also have a very diverse music option. I love listening to Albanian music, Spanish music and French music as well as many genres.

2. What are some of your favorite artists?
Travis Scott, Kanye West, Jay-Z was my top 3 for like the last 5 years. Back in the day it use to be Eminem, Kanye West and Lil Wayne. I grew up on these three guys man, especially Drake as well. To me it doesn't matter whether you are a streaming artist or new cause if you fire you fire lmaoo. Man I also love OVOXO artists, Rocky, Migos, kendrick, Lil Baby, Gunna, Young Thug, Tory Lanez. Some non American Artists I like are Ozuna, Maluma, Noizy and Shakria be fire asf. Tee Grizzley & Big Sean as well.

3. What are songs which are yet to leak and you would like to see surface?
Anything Travis honestly, but non Travis songs I would like to see PARTYNEXTDOOR - Tequila (feat. Quavo)
Kanye West - Can U Be
Kanye West - I Am Not Home/I Am Not Here
Kanye West - 30 Hours (Demo) [Paper Thin Love]
Kanye West - Bound 1
Future & Young Thug - Tomato Interior (feat. Offset)
Swiss Beatz - Just Because (feat. Jay-Z, Nas, JadaKiss, & DMX)
Offset - Formula
The Weeknd - All I Know (Version 3) [feat. Kanye West, The-Dream, Big Sean & Quavo]

4. How did you discover the unreleased community and specifically
July in 2017 I remember searching up “Travis Scott leaks” and I always got this page that was “Kanye leaks” on Reddit and for a good a few months I would always go on the page just see what leaked and then leave, then like I wanna saw a week before the release of “huncho Jack Jack huncho” in December of 2017 is when I made a account on Reddit and was officially apart of the community.

5. What are some of your favorite leaks?
Forgive me was my all time grail so seeing that leak was meaningful, ex best friend was another one of mine, lcrc trav verse, no reason by post Malone, disguise by young thug, 6 min freestyle by lil uzi, don’t run by drake, ebony by weeknd, southside serenade by Kanye. A lot I could name but those are some of the few that I love

6. What are some of the group buys that are memorable to you?
Playboi carti - choppa go considering it was the first public group buy ever done and I was apart of it, lofi groupbuy because it was the first most expensive one at the time, left cheek right cheek because it’s been the trav grail we all been waiting for, last name because it is currently the most expensive group buy I have done and the most expensive group buy to ever finish.

7. Who are some of your favorite users and staff members on
Anonboi, Heavensent and Eli are the homies, man without them idk where I would be those guys literally are my day ones. I also wanna shoutout Chimp for being a real one and seeing him grow in the community, the brothers More Life (XO) and DR3W as well Papí Chulos gang... All the groupbuy staff. Vittorio, spoke with him recently miss that guy and hope only for the best for him.

8. With the rapid growth of and the leak community, what do you think about the leak community of the modern days?
Back when it first opened up I remember there a different type of mood going on there because it was like the same faces you always saw when you go on unlike now when you see a new username almost every time logging on. There would be no selling verification type stuff so it was crazy when you saw a song go on sale now a days it's like "oh look a grail is on sale" cause of the trafficking of how many songs go on sale. I remember one time when the selling verification thread was first put up on of the first songs ever put on sale was "chris brown" and people in the comments were like "oh " "cwl" I genuinely miss those days only because everything was simpler back then too

9. Any hobbies or in real life things you like doing outside of
Yeah I like going to the gym, love playing soccer and just adventuring. I work a lot usually but on my free time I like to cycle through those things. I try to do as much as I can cause we don't live forever so experiencing the most you can is the best thing you can do in my opinion

10. Any advice for people reading this?
Live your life to the fullest, do not be afraid of trying to do what you want to do. Taking this as a leakthis perspective I always have people coming to me asking "i wanna be a collector/staff/coordinator" even if I myself cannot help you there are many more other staff members who are willing too. Outside of leakthis stuff same thing, do not restrict yourself from doing what you want, be happy and just do what you gotta do to get your cheese. papí chulos out, cool leak hoowink.

I want to thank Travis again for letting me do this interview to him, special shout out for being the real homie!
Comment down below who would you like to see in the next interview​
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Mar 21, 2019
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Dec 5, 2018
Damn tb to choppa go man:reallysad:
I remember I had the god role before the absolute legend @SwaeCae finished it
Much love to all
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Jun 14, 2018
this is fye. i missed stuff like this


Dec 30, 2018
All I Know vers 3 is the only leak id pay over £100 for... a full complete no mumbling version would be amazing
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