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by Leakify

Before we get into this interview, I thought I'd provide a little bit of a backstory. Rewind all the way back to August of last year. @thehatsmol was killing it with the blogs and had just helped put together a project called Astroworld X. I figured he was a great community member to do an interview with, so one night we knocked it out. At the time a bunch of new users had joined as authors and everybody wanted their blogs posted. Since interviews usually aren’t time-specific I sat back and thought the blog would eventually get posted. I was wrong.

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So uh... that didn't happen. I guess pvla never made it home. Without further ado, a new and improved interview with thehatsmol.

To start it off, how about you introduce yourself?

As you can see, I am thehatsmol, music enthusiast and newly-inducted section mod. If you know me, you probably do so due to either my edits (most notably ASTROWORLD X & EDITTH.IS) or my contributions to the blog such as it's first interviews and reviews. I'm unhealthily active on this forum and sometimes on Discord, and that's about it.

Where did the name thehatsmol come from?

The name originated from Five Night's At Freddy's. I was interested in joining reddit (at the time specifically for FNAF) and was looking for a username. The " " was released and was taking the community by storm, and a big meme in the reddit community was where you got a character and drew them " ". Put those two together, and boom, you have thehatsmol. I ditched FNAF years ago, but the name stuck, so I kept it.

What led you to leakthis? Were there any leaks in particular?

I believe it all started with r/HipHopEdits (which was shut down and @W_1 revived it under r/RapEdits). r/HHE then lead me to r/KanyeLeaks, which then lead me to r/RapLeaks. The stickied post on RapLeaks was this video teasing LEAKTH.IS, pretty sure it was called REDACTED or something I forgot. One day, I checked RapLeaks, it's this forums opening day, I join it hoping to be part of this brand new community, and the rest is history

Seeing as you've been around the community for years, how do you think it's changed over time?

It’s a double-edged sword, there are both benefits and disadvantages. The community has grown a helluva ton and has had some legendary moments (and some amazing members) since I first joined. It’s grown more hostile though (especially with the fucking Carti and Uzi stan debacle I swear to god). There are also a large amount of baiters out there too (I myself do enjoy it sometimes).

Do you have any hobbies or IRL things you like doing outside of

I indulge myself in big ambiguous projects (I never end up finishing) to keep myself occupied. It’s usually related to editing, planning shit or writing. Don’t have many apart from those few.

Who are some of your favorite users and staff members on

Last time I answered this question in terms of staff for my section mod “interview” I was bullied by @Vittorio, @stupid & @tony : ( (still love y’all <3) so I’m not even going to get them, shoutout @Chimp though. For users though, @DrankGOD is still the best member, brings a tear to my eye everytime I remember he’s gone. Runner ups are definitely the EDITTH.IS squad (too many to tag but they know who they are), and both @Clinicalyabrasiv and @XO, who are really dope people.

Astroworld X was probably one of, if not the biggest edit projects. How did that project start?

There was a thread somewhere on LEAKTH.IS, I don’t really remember but I think someone mentioned something about making an extended version of ASTROWORLD. I was already planning to do something like that, but this really motivated me to get started. In the beginning I just started to get attention to my name but a month later I was genuinely interested in making something. Also @j_auditore99 messaged saying that he wanted to contribute so that also lead me to take it seriously. I checked the Genius pages of every song and saw what it sampled, what it was interpolated by, shit like that. I also took suggestions from people who responded to the post. I compiled all that to a Google Doc and shared with the first few members of the crew.

What is it like working with the EDITTH.IS team on projects like Astroworld X and the compilation album? Is it a collaborative effort on each song, or does each person do their own song/songs?

Working with the team is amazing. Not only in terms of editing, but them being great people. Very happy I decided to put them on the team two years ago. With ASTRO X, it was definitely group work. It’s wasn’t the most polished system, but no one was stuck to a particular song, if someone had an idea for something, they were allowed to add on and try it out. Only a couple songs were edited by one person (for example I did A MAN by myself) but even with that, the team always discussed every change being made. It’s still like that to this day, whenever we mention ASTRO X, we discuss any plans as a team. For the compilations though, we hold our own since we in charge of our own discs. We are basically allowed free reign. Not always a good thing though, sometimes we’re caught lacking by @y i k e s as he tells us to work on our disc (he’s finished his disc twice, so he has every right to tell us to get off our ass).

Are there any more EDITTH.IS projects planned for the future?

Our next release will be EDITTH.IS, Vol. 2, a follow-up to our 2018 compilation album, which will hopefully be out by the end of the year. This time around we'll have the debut of two more editors to the team, so it's something to look forward to. Apart from that we don't have anything planned, don't think we will for a long time.

To close out the interview, what's your favorite artist, album, and leak of all time?

This changes quite often (author's note: can confirm since this answer has changed twice since the original interview), but as of right now, favorite artists of all time are X, Ye, beabadoobee and Clairo to name a few. Favorite album is either blonde by Frank Ocean or Patched Up by beabadoobee. Favorite leak definitely has to be The Storm, changed the leak game for sure (also had a lot of great edits come out of it).

Thank you for doing the interview! Is there anything else you would like to add?

Shoutout Leakify for interviewing (now for the second time), go read his articles. Listen to EDITTH. IS Vol. 2 when it drop and read my articles as well 😗

@NK is kinda... gone... so don't expect too many more interviews in the future

but if someone cool actually wants to do one pm me

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Oct 19, 2018
cool guy (y)
i remember you from old lt cord bc you were in rip requests asking for random shit all day long which ended up putting me onto some good new artists
thanks for inspiring me to get audacity and make shitty edits as well


#1 Clairo Stan
Section Mod
May 21, 2018
Somewhere in Japan
cool guy (y)
i remember you from old lt cord bc you were in rip requests asking for random shit all day long which ended up putting me onto some good new artists
thanks for inspiring me to get audacity and make shitty edits as well
rip request was my home back on the old lt cord. luckily switched phones and got that shit together myself, was about time.

@thehatsmol one of the best members on site, great editor and the acapella megathread is probably top 2 most useful threads on the site, got me and friends into making edits (even if they were bad ones lol). Late congrats on section mod as well!
i was pretty ass at editing myself (still am in some cases) but it takes time patience. tank you kind sir.

partys over

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Jun 21, 2020
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Jul 29, 2019
even tho I've only been in this com for like a few months, and not very well known, or active, this made me nostalgic, idk why, i never experienced these things, I've never listened to Astroworld X I've never even thehatsmol's name before (no offence you're obviously a really nice guy) but the writing behind this, is just amazing, keep up the amazing work man, i love these user interviews, they mean a lot to me especially, like the newer, less active user base, it gives us a chance to learn about important figures in this site's history.