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Welcome to User Interviews, where different users who have had a major impact on the site will be interviewed over a set of questions, keeping the answers raw, and discussing a few things about the community and their personal lives

The user that will be interviewed today goes by the name @Offset on the forum and is known as Mattr on discord. He has contributed to help in the community with his activities as an admin, and also his famous groupbuy bot which helps the groupbuys for your favourite songs be facilitated for everyone.

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1. How would you introduce yourself to people that do not know about you here?
If you speak with me anywhere other than the forums, you’d know me as Mattr. Probably the biggest Migos stan on the forum. I don’t go out of my way to start beef and I’m pretty relaxed if you come to with my questions or need help (Just don’t be an alt).

I’m from Australia, so half of you probably don’t even see me online.

2. What are some of your favorite artists?
Being that my forum name is Offset, you could probably already guess I fuck with the Migos, obviously their solo acts I follow as well. Being from Australia I follow some of our artists like Seth Sentry ( ) or 360 ( ). For more of Hip-Hop/Trap centric artists I’d probably say 2 Chainz, 21 Savage, Gucci Mane and Young Thug.

3. What are songs which are yet to leak and you would like to see surface?
A tough question, because some of the songs I’d like to see leaked are in my vault; I’d like the community to hear them, but I’ll be sitting on them for now.

A big one, that a lot of people would agree with, is Huncho Season and Wide Awake; classic Culture 1 snippets that have yet to surface for the culture.

4. How did you discover the unreleased community and specifically

I found out about LEAKTH.IS at the cusp of /r/RapLeaks, but I only found out about /r/RapLeaks from /r/RapEdits in which I had just made my own edit of “Down in the DM” with Yo Gotti and Nicki Minaj’s combined to create an extended version; The editing and remixing of a song intrigued me so I looked for a place where I could find people who have combined and mashed songs together and found /r/RapEdits.

LEAKTH.IS was really the first unreleased community I found out about, I had always heard ‘leaked’ tracks through YouTube in which I wonder how these small youtube channels had gotten these unreleased songs and was just freely uploading them.

5. What are some of your favorite leaks?
Offset – 6 AM and Offset – Toxic (feat. Mango Foo) are the most memorable as I had purchased them and ended up trusting the wrong people; I was bumping those for weeks. In turn, it gave me the initial foot in the door to get more well known, and look at me now!
I’d also say Migos – Speaking of the Devil & Angels (feat. Travis Scott) and Migos – No Cap (feat. Travis Scott) are probably some of the hardest unreleased I’ve heard, these songs are still in constant rotation.

6. What are some of the group buys that are memorable to you?
Nothing really jumps to mind straight away, but Mac Miller groupbuys are pretty memorable for that they are always chill and respectful toward the process, and on the other hand Juice WRLD groupbuys are pretty memorable but for all the wrong reasons, they’re constantly trolling and are all 12 year old kids.

The better moments come from mod-chat within these groupbuys where we’re all trying to get the job done but we always have a good laugh about it.

7. Who are some of your favorite users and staff members on
There’s so many.

@W_1 has always been a real one since the beginning before I ever got ‘noticed’ by people; probably the first real friend I’ve made from LEAKTH.IS.

@Alek is definitely one of the people I speak to most on a daily basis.

There are all the other people that I don’t always have the time to chat with but are always going to be there for me no matter what and vice versa, like @Travis Scott, @eliantte, @lxns, and gex.

And people who aren’t really around anymore like Guwop and Kej.

8. With the rapid growth of and the leak community, what do you think about the leak community of the modern days?
The leak community is a lot bigger now than it ever was, LEAKTH.IS and self-uploading sites like YouTube and SoundCloud have made it a lot easier for leaks to spread and gain attention from a lot more people.

Now-a-days the community is a lot more toxic due to the sheer amount of people that are younger and having not being mature enough to be civil about it. Same with LA Kids that show off that they have unreleased songs from communities as toxic and childish as Lil Uzi Vert and Playboy Carti stans.

Artists previewing music through Twitter or Instagram also attracts a lot of people to seek out the full song.

9. Any hobbies or in real life things you like doing outside of
I enjoy Computers and Technology in general, and have subsequently graduated with a Bachelor of ICT.

Programming and tinkering with electronics are a hobby which is apparent when people know me for making the Groupbuy Bot used for nearly all groupbuys now. I have a lot of smaller stuff that I have made such as Jailbreak tweaks for iOS and utilising Arduino and Raspberry Pi’s to challenge myself.

10. What brought you to starting the famous Groupbuy Bot that you own?

Originally I had seen this thread Groupbuy Discord Bot by @extralaces (Groupbuy Discord Bot) and I just didn’t like the fact that, although it’s a bot, it wasn’t automated enough; Staff still had to manually input command to keep track of pledges and payments. I started working on my bot in silence as to not deter or challenge @extralaces with his own creation.

I felt if a bot was to be used, it would automate everything, but being limited to Discord’s API and people trolling in chat, I couldn’t quite exactly do that, but I have been able to get very close.

I had a lot of prior testing to the initial release with Alek for many weeks before I felt comfortable releasing it to public use. You can never underestimate how many different things people will input to break the bot.

11. Any advice for people reading this?

Take life with a grain of salt. Don’t get caught up trying to impress other people; just be you and you’ll be much happier for that.

Your opinions are that of yours and not others; Arguments are pointless based on opinions.

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Thank you @Offset once again for this wonderful opportunity to create another wonderful interview!
Any suggestions for who to interview next? Tag them down below, thank you!​



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Aug 6, 2019
He don’t miss
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Aug 27, 2018
My nigga mentioned our subreddit r/RapEdits what a real member right there
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Dec 5, 2018
Thanks to @NK for giving me the spotlight on this. I really didn’t expect an interview when he started this series.
Really good stuff man. Good to really meet you and know who’s doing a lot. I’ve been here for over a year now and I’ve always respected the hell out of you and now I have a whole new side to respect. 🙏🏻Great interview brotha
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