The Curious Case of "DP vs. the World"


(TLDR at the end for those who don't want to read all of this :) )

While trying to locate Uzi loosies from years ago, I stumbled upon the Genius page for . This is a "compilation" put out by DP Beats on August 11, 2017, containing 10(well 9 really but we'll get to that later) DP produced Uzi songs. This compilation was released as a soundcloud playlist, in a move that at first seems logical but is actually quite confusing when examined further. When you think of Uzi in August 2017, I'm sure you immediately think of the Luv Is Rage 2 hype at the time, coming fresh off the "Luv Is Rage 1.9" Don Cannon premieres. Putting out an Uzi compilation seems like a smart move, hyping up both Uzi and DP ahead of Luv Is Rage 2's release. However, not a single DP produced song was featured on Luv Is Rage 2, which I'm sure DP would have been aware of just a few weeks before the album's release. This makes the release seem somewhat out of place, but it only gets weirder as you delve into the tracks, and being as we are just 3 days off from a new album release from DP, I think it's an appropriate time to do some deep diving.

1. All This Money
2. Finessin Hearts
3. Huh Boy feat. Travis Porter
4. In 04'
5. Not Friendly
6. 1.5 - YSL
7. Ready Set Go (VLone)
8. He Did It
9. 7 Am
10. Alfa Romeo AW30 (I Can Drive)

This, as a compilation, of course contains almost entirely released music, which rules out the possibility that DP was trying to release any new Uzi collaborations with this project. The description states "FULL COMPILATION VIA MYMIXTAPEZ LATER TODAY", however despite my best efforts to find anything on MyMixtapez related to this project, I couldn't find any links or references. (There is a chance that since this compilation is 2 years old, it was removed. If anyone can find a dead/live link let me know.) There is a upload of the tape dated to August 13, 2017 that is missing the only two songs available on streaming services, 7 AM & Alfa Romeo AW30, and although there is no way to confirm the authenticity of this upload, I doubt anyone knew about this tape, let alone someone was inclined to upload a bootleg copy on Spinrilla. This leaves us with the 10 songs on the soundcloud playlist, which I am mostly sure is the "Full compilation". The bottom 5 of the tracklist(starting with YSL) are all direct links to Uzi's soundcloud and not uploads by DP, so are kind of useless to discuss, aside from the fact that DP doesn't gain anything from linking released Uzi music in a playlist, so their inclusion is a little confusing. However, the first 5, which are all uploaded by DP himself, are a lot more interesting.

All This Money was an early 2016 leak, with seemingly no official release until now, and is the best performing DP upload on this project with 84.3k plays at the time of writing.

Finessin Hearts was officially released by Uzi in 2015, and the song is still available on his soundcloud, with credit to DP in the title. Why DP chose to reupload this himself is honestly beyond me, however unlike Uzi he provided the option to directly download the song, saving a little bit of audio quality in the process. It is worth noting that he did this for all of his own uploads on this compilation.

Huh Boy feat. Travis Porter is a song that appeared online in late 2015, released through YesJulz' soundcloud page, tagged horrendously by her. Her upload of the song is now deleted. Untagged versions have since been uploaded, and DP's page seems to be the only semi-official way to get the song now.

In 04' is a song from the 2016 mixtape "1017 Vs. The World" by Lil Uzi and Gucci Mane. This song is still available on Datpiff, MyMixtapez, and Uzi's soundcloud. Why DP decided to upload this one and not link Uzi's upload is again super confusing.

Finally we come to Not Friendly, the most perplexing and the least played "song" on the whole compilation, racking a mere 19.4k plays at the time of writing. This is technically a CDQ snippet, clocking in at 0:35, containing only 28 seconds of audio. This is an upload of most of the verse Uzi used on "Let's Play" with Lil Tracy and Yung Bans, released officially on DP Beat's tape "DP On The Beat Vol. 3" in August 2018. Notably, there is extra beat space in the "Not Friendly" upload where Tracy's vocals are heard. This verse was notable because aside from this snippet, YNW Melly uploaded a snippet of his own song "Another Planet" on this beat featuring Uzi's verse in July 2018. Before that, Not Friendly was rumored to be a Kodie Shane song featuring Uzi. The release timeline for Not Friendly/Another Planet/Let's Play is mind boggling. DP uploaded a downloadable CDQ snippet of Uzi's verse of an unfinished Kodie Shane song on a compilation one year before Melly uploaded a snippet of his song featuring this Uzi verse, one month before DP released a full song with two new features.

All in all, "DP vs. the World" went unnoticed by most fans, myself included. This compilation bizarrely was only 50% uploaded by DP himself, and at that 2 of his own uploads were officially available through other soundcloud pages. I doubt DP made any money from this drop, and I doubt it gained him any clout from Uzi fans, as anyone who knows Uzi knows all these songs already. The only thing "DP vs the World" is really good for is a CDQ download of 4 songs that otherwise would be locked at soundcloud's horrendous bitrate. The inclusion of Not Friendly is really the icing on the cake, as it's not even the full verse, or the final name of the song, and it contains random blank audio. My best guess as to why this compilation released at all is that DP just wanted to capitalize on the hype of Luv Is Rage 2, but he did so in such a way that this post probably has a chance of beating his upload in google search rankings. Thanks for reading, if you made it this far. What's your favorite song on this "compilation"? Should DP have dropped this at all? Why did he do it? Is this poor half-baked excuse of a playlist the source of the DP vs. Uzi beef? Let me know what you think.


TLDR: DP released a strange Uzi compilation/soundcloud playlist that noone was asking for containing links to other people's soundcloud pages, reuploads of officially released and currently available music, as well as a CDQ snippet containing 7 seconds of blank audio in 2017. Doing some digging I was not able to find ANYTHING as to why he did this, or what he gained from it. All in all a really bizarre release that probably didn't need to happen, but I thought was worth talking about because it really confused me.
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May 8, 2019
Yeah DP is just money hungry and was and still is butt hurt that he wasn’t on luv is rage 2. This was all an attempt to make money, the likely reason for him putting the snippet up was to just have artist hit him up and but the verse as they did.
Really good article glad to see those college level English courses getting put to use :cwl:


Mar 28, 2019
On my mixtapez dp's account (if it is real) only has that one mixtape with 9 songs numbered 2-10. This whole dp vs the world thing weird af


Aug 11, 2019
good jobb writing this man, very well written and very interesting. i highly doubt this was the reason between the uzi dp beef, but then again you never know, just seems pretty unlikely though. again, great article
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Nov 19, 2018
good jobb writing this man, very well written and very interesting. i highly doubt this was the reason between the uzi dp beef, but then again you never know, just seems pretty unlikely though. again, great article
thanks dude! Trust me I know lol I was just joking about that part


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Dec 15, 2019
Woah, very good post, that was a nice read. It will be very cool have more posts about strange releases.