ANNOUNCEMENT Some comments on verification (+ new verifier)

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Aug 25, 2018
Hi all

If you've tried to verify anything in the past 2 weeks, you might've noticed it didn't get done until very recently (as in the past half hour) because I was away. Generally, I'm the only person that handles verifications and it becomes quite the chore sometimes. It's not fair on you guys who wanna get your songs sold and it's not easy on me having to do it all alone. So, I'm happy to announce that @Fugi7 will also be helping me with verifications.

What does this mean for you? Hopefully, it should mean that your songs are verified quicker because there's an extra pair of hands helping me out. Fugi was specifically chosen by me because I know he's best fit for the job; you shouldn't have anything to worry about from him, whether you know him well or not. I'm still showing him the ropes but within the next few days to weeks, you may notice he'll be approving/denying your verification threads.

While on the topic of verification, I do have a couple other things to mention. Please remember that verification is meant to be used for generally high-value artists. I know the guidelines are a little bit murky and it can be confusing but please don't take the piss. I've seen a lot of random no-name artists in the verification queue recently and it does nothing but clog it up. If you're unsure, submit - I'd rather you attempt to verify and have it denied than you not verify and be market banned for trying to sell it - but think twice if it's an artist you've never seen in the verified selling section.

Just one more thing, due to my lengthy absence, there was quite a backlog so I wasn't particularly informative with anything I denied. If you think I've wrongfully denied your request without proper reasoning, or I've simply missed it, please feel free to make another thread and I'll get to it when I can.

TL;DR: @Fugi7 is helping me with verifications; please don't submit worthless artists; please resubmit if I've missed you recently

- lxns
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