Record4Hype: The Forgotten "OG MBDTF" ZIP File That Was Concealed For 10 Years.

The Forgotten "OG MBDTF" ZIP File That Was Concealed For 10 Years.

Let's go back in time:

July 8th, 2010: 4 Months and 14 Days from this day, Kanye West would release My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Ye has endlessly been working on the album for awhile now. At this point, he's getting ready to begin constructing the Runaway film. Hype Williams was the director for the Runaway film, and he needed some of the new music to get a feel for what the short movie would look like. The manager of this entire project sent a zip file called "" to Hype Williams. It was a record for... Hype Williams! The zip file was sent at an unknown date.

On July 8th, 2010, the managers email was hacked. The zip file surfaced because of the hack that occurred. A screenshot was floating around the internet at the time of the entire OG Tracklist of MBDTF, which you can see to the right. At the time, the album was titled "Good Ass Job."

The same night, rumors were spreading frantically as people were craving to listen to the files in the zip. People were saying Eminem was a feature, as well as Lil Wayne, Drake, and Jay-Z. It was pretty vocal news, and somewhat mainstream. Websites like Rap Radar, NahRight, and Vulture reported on the situation. Fans were furious, as leaking these demo tracks before the album came out could've post-poned the album, or potentially lead to Kanye completely scrapping it. Some people also thought it was a marketing scheme to build hype for the album, as the file name is a play on words with Hype Williams, and "hype".

As people downloaded the zip file, a password was attached to the files. No one knew the passwords. Mike Dean the same night over Twitter said that the zip file is fake, and the file names and time lengths associated within the zip file are all completely fake. The tweet has (Pretty fucking funny that this dude's name is "getmoney"; You'll see why)

~August 14th, 2010: The ZIP file was briefly revisited on the forum site "kanyetothe". Here's the thread: The thread devolved to nothingness though. Sorta like how threads work: It just turns in to a churning pit of toxicity and flaming eachother before it gets locked.

Unknown (2010?): QUOTE: "A few years ago some dudes took another stab at cracking it on here and they ended up finding the password through brute forcing. I don't remember the specifics but even if you put in the correct password the files stop extracting after a certain point and you get an error."
This quote was taken from a ktt thread in 2013.

So this is where my research gets stuck. I have no clue where these original 2010 threads are, or even the website that they were on. It was one of two websites: 4chan, or kanyetothe. I asked multiple people and I got those 2 responses multiple times with no proof of either website. Basically, people brute forced some of the individual songs' passwords. How do we know they're the correct passwords if we can't even open the supposedly corrupt files? This is how: let's use Dark Fantasy as an example. If you put the wrong password into Dark Fantasy's mp3 file, no error message popped up and it simply said "The specified password is incorrect". If you input the correct password, which is "tip", the same message popped up, but an error console message also popped up along side of the original pop up. This didn't work for any other combination of words, letters, numbers, etc.

This is what led people to believe that the "corrupt" theory was correct. They assumed the ZIP file didn't let them unzip the mp3 files because they were corrupt. They had some of the passwords, and the mp3's were sitting directly in front of them, but the files were corrupt. Only 11 of the 16 songs had their password revealed:
1. Hell Of A Life (universecity)
2. Dark Fantasy (tip)
3. Power (horus)
4. Chain Heavy (bronze)
5. Ghetto University (bear)

6. That's My Bitch
7. Runaway (weezy)
8. Lost In The World (kanyewest)
9. Gorgeours (mad)
10. Monster (monsterous)
11. Holding Me Back (nickiminaj)

12. Devil In A New Dress
13. The Joy

14. So Appauled (lion)
15. Blame Game
16. Sweat On My Face

~7 Years Ago (2013): Two ktt threads were created. and These two threads revived the entire discussion surrounding the zip file. The question thread had multiple discussions about using a super-computer in order to break into the zip file. Other parts of the thread talked about finding the remaining 5 missing passwords. Alot of people were simply doubting the entire process too. These 2 threads didn't really get anything done... Although, they were a good reminder of the actual zip file. Someone considered going into a girl's facebook account because she works for Mike Dean and even said that she has the clean zip file. There was an attempt to track down the original people associated with the hack in 2010, which they did, and they found his friends' "pipl" and "wayn" account, but the information was confidential except his location and age. People began to believe that it was the hacker who put the passwords on the files just to fuck with everyone and keep the files to themselves. There were supposedly threads with the hacker's facebook in them, but they were since deleted.

At this point, people solely relied on the fact that it seemed like the music was corrupted and tampered with to the point of no return or revival. "Omid Afghan Dost" is someone who knew one of the hacker's friends. It wouldn't lead people directly to the original hacker, but it's another step up in the chain when it comes to being able to contact him. They weren't able to contact him directly. "JaanMammad" was a user on Youtube who posted the original screengrab of the R4H zip on a Swedish website. He got the zip file from someone else, but this is where the original screenshot came from.

People were also doubting the fact that the songs might not even be different and it might just be a shit 128kbps version of MBDTF. The amount of confusion and de-motivation surrounding the zip file turned everyone away from the attempt at cracking it slowly. The threads died down and nothing surfaced out of any of them. ktt dying also didn't help, as the threads/zip file most likely wouldn't be revived at this point.

QUOTE: "Yes the zip was cracked back in 2013 by a private group. They didn’t have all the passwords tho so they didn’t get the whole zip lmao. Little bit of history for you, someone, WAS hired to crack it. They quit halfway through. They put a corruption key on the ZIP file to secure it. They never took it off. So technically there are two versions of the ZIP uncorrupted and corrupted both are crackable".

~Late June, 2020: @Danted313 wanted to conduct the revival of the mystery surrounding Record4Hype. He recruited 10 users on a Tracker Discord to help with the ZIP file.

July 26th, 2020: Welcome back to present day! Donda is going to drop soon (hopefully...) and r/YandhiLeaks are hungry as shit. They need new Kanye NOW. They revived Record4Hype, and they're determined to crack open this zip file. Around 7:00 PM EST, a thread began on the subreddit which can be found It went into depth on how they could possibly crack the zip open. In short, they wanted to groupbuy a professional to restore the zip. The thread talked about different beats on some of the songs, different verses, brand new features, and extra songs that weren't on the final version of mbdtf. The GB was not a guarantee success, as the professional might not even be able to crack it, but it was worth a shot. A Leak Tracker Discord immediately hopped on the project.

"Shaliek" was a user on KTT, and could be contacted for a HUGE lead on the zip file. "He was the guy who originally leaked the R4H zip. Ashley in this server knew someone who makes music with him so we tried to contact him" - @Danted313

Within 1-2 hours, the 5 remaining passwords were uncovered:

6. That's My Bitch (prs)
12. Devil In A New Dress (warnerchappell)
13. The Joy (charliewilson)
15. Blame Game (apathy)
16. Sweat On My Face (ending)

Now what? They have all of the passwords, but the files are still "corrupt". What else is there to do other than groupbuy the professional to crack the zip?
So someone contacted Mike Dean, and obviously he said "Fuvk no"...

There was an ongoing discussion in the Discord about a possible "master password". The theory was somewhat plausible, but at the same time, it made no sense at all. The Master Password theory goes like this: There is one password that is needed to open the mp3 files. It doesn't make much sense due to the fact that there are 16 working passwords, and the error message literally says
"The archive is corrupt". The argument in the discord began to spiral out of control and false information began to spread. (I won't name names) Some people literally said there was no master password and they have legitimate proof, even though they never sent the proof... Some people were starting to doubt themselves whether or not they should keep trying to guess-and-check the master password.

"password is wewantmoney. it's not corrupted. music sucks."

So, some random Anon user on 4chan downloaded the zip, and cracked it using the Master Password. The Master Password was real, but so were the 16 other passwords...

Explanation: The files were never corrupted. Two zips were merged with passwords. It adds the password additionally, as if it was stacked. The "Master" password is just the last one added, hence why the other files seemingly have correct ones but didnt work, sort of like a fail-safe that was inaccessible because nothing failed. Nothing was ever corrupt... Mike Dean saying the zip was fake was FALSE, the multiple corruption "proof" dm's were FALSE.
It took 10 years and 19 days to type in "wewantmoney" into the zip file.

(Remember the user "GetMoney" near the beginning of the blog? Kinda ironic...)

"" Leak Thread:

s/o kanyetothe
s/o r/YandhiLeaks
s/o random 4chan user
s/o @Danted313 for some info

and about the leak.

Feel free to sift through these 2 articles from 2010:

Leak Lore - "Balloonerism" by Mac Miller
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who on staff should i get in contact with if im interested in possibly writing up articles in a similar vain gots lots of ideas


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Jun 17, 2018
Imagine all this effort just to find out the mf who hacked the manager and got the actual files zipped them himself, added a password to the zip and did all this on purpose as a lil ongoing inside game/joke of his to see if anyone would ever “crack the code”.


Nov 17, 2018
i remember lookin into the zip and thinking to myself i would one day get down to the bottom of it maybe pay some company that specializes in it, turns out it was "wewantmoney" all along
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