PARTYNEXTDOOR - From Dark, To Dance

PARTYNEXTDOOR is no stranger to remaining quiet in terms of dropping music. Fans of his have been waiting for the longest time for an official release, thriving off his various leaks throughout the past two years. Prayers were answered on the 22nd of November when PARTYNEXTDOOR officially released two tracks, one titled 'Loyal' which featured Drake, and 'The News'. Jahron (PARTYNEXTDOOR) blessed fans with two quite different tracks in terms of vibes and both have been overall well received, one more than the other however.

This blog will go into the depths of the two tracks and what they might mean to a general fan of PARTYNEXTDOOR, as well as a personal opinion (my own).

The News. A track that, despite being overshadowed by the bigger release 'Loyal' due to the Drake feature, still managed to be the main talking point of most PARTYNEXTDOOR fans. This song sports a mellow, rather dark beat that gives off a feeling of mystery almost, as if you're in a quiet place whilst a storm is going on outside. With 40 being the mixing engineer, and many other big names working on the mastering and production, it is not doubt that the beat makes up a big part of the track.

The song's story follows PARTYNEXTDOOR speaking to his girl, or potentially an ex, mainly about how they do not deserve him whatsoever. The hook has the impactful main lines of:

"What's news to you, it ain't news to me
And what's blue to you, it ain't blue to me
It ain't blue to me, it ain't new to me (Oh)"

In terms of 'news', PARTY isn't referring to anything specific. Moreso, he's speaking of how he and his girl do not relate, what's one thing to her, is not the same to him. What's important and considered as 'news' to her, isn't news to him. The next line further solidifies this argument, with "what's blue to you, it ain't blue to me", where he's using the example of a colour, as simple as it may be, is still different in his eyes. What might be 'blue' or one thing to her, is different for PARTY, portraying this instability of their relationship whether it be intimate or in its early stages.

It's almost like PARTY has given up on this girl completely, reached a point of no return where he goes into detail without saying much in the first verse. He proclaims,

"Hurt me, then tell me, "Man up"
Hurt me, then tell me, "Stand up"
Ask me questions, then don't care about the answers
Hurt me, hurt me, oh"

PARTYNEXTDOOR is straight up telling the girl to hurt him, whether it be physically or emotionally, followed by his imitation of her typical reaction to hurting him, being either to 'man up' or 'stand up'. Women nowadays are predominantely known for asking questions whilst emotional and not caring about the answer, which PARTY vividly states right after. His emotional, melodic voice which ends the short verse with 'hurt me' repeated twice simply adds on to the dark yet mellow vibe in which the song provides.

The second verse states how PARTY feels lowkey 'tied down', like he's suffocating and has no way out though he wants one and how his actions make certain things occur.

"Deep down, I want out
Deep down, I feel tied down
Sometimes, it's my own
Doing that makes things
Come to fruition, babe"

He states that his own actions make things occur, potentially referring to the fact that his actions which lead him into the position of being with this woman, have resulted in his deep feelings of suffocation, of being tied down and lacking a way out which he so desperately wants.

The finaly verse is more of a one liner repeated over and over in a melodic manner, one which to some, may send goosebumps down their skin. He simply states that he got used to this woman's bad side. Many guys know the feeling of getting used to a girl's toxic side which she shows to them, and they endure it out of their deep desire for the girl herself. PARTY openly states that he got used to her bad side, indicating how far gone he is in this relationship.

The outro is one that echoes through one's head, leaving an everlasting message after listening to the song. The outro is one that, despite the song ending, will still have you hearing it over and over in your head. Being longer than some of the verses in the song, the outro details PARTY's knowledge of this woman's 'other' side that no one's seen. He also mentions how she told him that no one else was involved, implying that she lied, and that he now sees her in a different light.

This song, for many, hits hard and deep, causing a range of mellow feelings to occur whilst listening to it. The artwork is beautifully crafted to fit the song, including the mini-animation on the YouTube audio clip uploaded to PARTYNEXTDOOR's official account. Women have always been a major influence on PARTYNEXTDOOR's music throughout his career, being absolutely no stranger to his own share of issues with women which he mainly speaks about in his music, rather than being so open. The song leaves a lasting effect on anyone who listens to it and enjoys it, providing a whole vibe to end the year off with as we anticipate the next album.

Loyal, featuring PARTY's label boss and dominant music figure Drake, is a song that is quite simple in terms of the message it portrays, and has a dancehall feel to it that has been done similarly before by the pair. This is their eleventh collaboration and does not fail, however, was the least-liked track out of the pair. Many claimed that the track was lacking, or even claimed that it was a "failed attempt at remaking Recognize". While the track makes no attempt to imitate a previous vibe the pair had, it does possess a calming, wavey beat that entices anyone to start bopping their head.

The lyrics in this song are much more simpler than The News. Drake's feature is merely a repetition of what PARTYNEXTDOOR says, however, with his own melodic touch to the vocal side of things. In fact, he doesn't have a verse, but rather does the Pre-Chorus and sings with PARTYNEXTDOOR, which still provides a pleasant sound for anyone listening.

Throughout the song PARTYNEXTDOOR mainly says that he doesn't want any war or problems with his significant others' friends:

"True, you're a star in my head
You, nuh need fi raise war with my friends
True, you're so bad, we don't need to pretend
But I don't want war with you or my friends"

The woman is high up in PARTY's eyes, a 'star' to him. He reiterates the fact that she doesn't need to cause any problems with his friends, and that he doesn't want any 'war' or problems with her or his own friends either.

"All the way 'round, I'm loyal
I got money on me and I'm loyal
I got money in my pocket, I'm loyal, ooh"

He continues to state throughout the song that she's his best friend, that even if they part, it's fine due to their close relationship as friends. Despite his money, he's still 'loyal'.

"Pain goes away when I'm tipsy
Pain goes away when you're with me (Me)
Even when your troubles all look risky
It's all under control"

Throughout the alcohol or drugs which make him tipsy, getting rid of his pain, her being with him takes the pain away just as well. PARTYNEXTDOOR's affection for this girl is so strong, that he's willing to go through a lot for this woman. That her presence fades out all the issues that he might be facing. She's like his drug, his alcohol, his remedy to any issue.

The song is quite simple in nature, and the message behind it is also as simple. PARTYNEXTDOOR displays his loyalty to the one woman he loves, with Drake's vocals and repeated lyrics showing the same. The dancehall type vibe provides a track that is jumpy and wavey, making the song a great track for the radio and to do numbers in the mainstream scene, in comparison to The News.

The songs are both great in their own ways. Being a big PARTYNEXTDOOR fan myself, it's difficult to be unbiased, however, I do think both songs deserve a chance, especially 'Loyal', despite the criticism it has copped since its drop. At first, it wasn't the greatest song for myself, however, as time passed and I played the song over and over, it became quite the vibe.

Regardless, 'The News' remains as one of my favourite all-time PARTYNEXTDOOR songs. He hit the nail on the head with this one, incorporating his darker and downcast side into the song, creating a vibe for many fans. After speaking to many fellow PARTYNEXTDOOR fans, lots stated that the song was on 'repeat', showing its repeat-value and significance to many. Its relatability is immense, providing an experience that is hard-hitting.

I personally heard both tracks whilst I was on a little 'vacation' on the weekend, by a beach house. At 3AM, I sat there smoking shisha, listening to The News on repeat with a view of distant city lights, and let me tell you, I haven't felt that type of vibe and way in a long time.

Both songs contrast each other in a beautiful way, and deserve a chance even if you're not a PARTYNEXTDOOR fan.

Thank you if you made it up to here, and for reading my first blog of many to come.

This is Ibrahim, signing off.​
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