My Experience listening through Young Thug's entire Released / Unreleased Catalog in Chronological Order. (2013-2019)

This write up includes the released and unreleased material from the era, for EPs such as Young Martha and Hear No Evil they are included in the era they belong in. This is my personal opinion and thoughts after listening to the entire released / unreleased thug catalog of music (1017 Thug Sessions - So Much Fun) in chronological order in 8 days. It was about 50hr of music and truly showed his transformation, I did not include anything before Tha Tour as I am still not as familiar with it compared to many Young Thug stans but i will include a write up of 1017 Thug and such when I listen to it more.

Rich Gang: Tha Tour Part 1 - Rich Homie Quan and Young Thug had a very synergized chemistry and were explosive on Tha Tour. This is a classic album that contains some of his best early work. The unreleased from this era is very good as well and could've made a entire other mixtape, 'Pour It Up' & 'Good Times (ended up being released with a feature later on)' are some of the best leaks from this era. Although he was still in RHQ shadow a bit he still kept the same confidence and energy he always brings. If you watch the Rich Gang
Noisey Atlanta video
you can see that they thought RHQ would be a bigger star in the future, little did they know. I would rank this a good 8.8/10.

Barter 6 - This is a insane era for thug as a lot of the project had leaked and it is to this day some of his best material. In my opinion this album has a very angelic vibe and has the same feeling that So Much Fun has, a pure celebration. He was celebrating his success and most importantly his talent itself, there were not many leaks from these sessions that I really listened to over his released material and that says a lot. Although Barter 6 / Slime Season 1 & 2 had a lot of the same sessions and such I like to base it off of Sabsad's comp and his song placement there. I would personally rate this album a 9.5/10 as it has many classics, wonderful production, a wonderful ethereal vibe (such as 'OD'), and much more. I am personally not a fan of a lot of the features and I feel like there was a bit of filler, songs like Power would've fit nicely in place of some other tracks and could've boosted the score and my feelings towards this as a complete project.

Slime Season - This was a truly energized project, the production on this with London is one of my favorite parts. 'No Way' is one of my favorite beats he has ever been on and he truly rode the beat. Songs like 'Stunna' and 'Best Friend' have insane energy and just want to make you want to get up and dance, it is insane that regardless of the hate towards him he always kept his head high and his energy flowing. The features on this were pretty good, he even got a feature from Lil Wayne (even though it was from Tha Tour era but part of the pack of leaks that made it on Barter 6 - Slime Season 2 aka the Bleaks). I will give this a 8.7/10 as well, the leaks from this era were really nice like 'Bear With Me' and 'Red Star', he personally just fell a bit short on some tracks because he was still trying to perfect his sound.

Slime Season 2 - This album has wonderful cover art, personally my favorite out of the trilogy. The production of this was much more laid back and he floated on these beats, this has a very sad vibe but it is almost like he knows it will get better. This is a very relaxing album compared to his prior ones and I think it paved the way for his future love songs and slower songs. He was polishing his sound and he wanted to take another approach, I really like the vibe of this era and the leaks from it as well. Slime Season 1 & 2 were the eras that MetroThuggin' belongs in and those songs are insane, 'The Blanguage', 'Spaghetti Factory', 'Free Gucci' are just some examples but even with his powerful energy and his agressive rap style he still toned it back to give a sound that was very collected. Even though the released album itself was amazing the leaks nearly overshadowed it, songs like 'The Promise', 'Beast (Makaveli)', & 'Yes, Indeed' belonged on the album. I will give this a nice 9.3/10 and I was truly impressed, it was the first thug album I ever stayed up for and I always will go back to this, this is more comforting then some Frank Ocean.

Slime Season 3 - This era's music is more dominant based on the leaks, songs like 'With Them', 'Memo', and 'Digits' are songs nearly every Young Thug fan knows yet the leaks are outstanding. 'Clientele' has a wonderful hook, wonderful features, and wonderful production. This is a very short project but it does not disappoint, I just believe that if songs like 'Life of Sins' 'Flowers' 'Disguise' and 'Hoe Tendencies' were on this it could have been his best work of all time. I really like how his ego really grew in this era and he had finally found his sound and identity as a artist, he knew he was the boss and he made that clear inside and outside of music. I will give this a 7.8/10 but mainly due to the leaks, if the project was more lengthy and he didn't cut it in half it would be higher. He clearly wanted to be done with mixtapes and wanted to release a album now that he was where he wanted to be.

I'm Up - This is sadly his most hated project, it is a crime that people overlook this masterpiece. His unreleased around this time is some of his best ever with grails like 'OMG', 'Sake of My Kids', 'Day Ones', & 'Get It On My Own'. Around this time he got his mouth fixed and you can hear how his vocals change, it is more prominent in JEFFERY in my opinion. The album itself is rather good, 'Hercules' is some of the best production and 'King TROUP' is one of the saddest songs he has ever made. Although the features are not too notable they do not take away from the quality of this album, even Young Butta goes hard. I will give this a 8.3/10.

JEFFERY - This is very similar to I'm Up where the unreleased area is nearly better then the released. Songs such as 'Photogenic', 'Doing It Big (5 Stars)', and 'Guadalajara' really stand out. He tried out many new styles in this album and it was a masterpiece of experimentation. The "Harambe Voice" is still used to this day and it is a staple in his style, he had a much clearer rapping style in this album and I am a large fan of it. The features in this album are amazing as well, I really like how he titled the songs after other people and it reminds me of the SMF track 'Lil Baby' but we will get to that song later. Great cover art as well, I will give this album a 8.5/10.

Fully JEFFERY era - This is a unofficial album but it is the compilation of leaks that were recorded between JEFFERY and EBBTG. One of the most slept on Young Thug leaks is in this era, 'Aint Nuttin' although it is a bit short. Many many grails were recorded in this time so I will not cover them all, it was a nice bridge between the experimental JEFFERY and the also experimental EBBTG. I love this era and I really love the songs from it. 'Who Do You Luv' is still one of his greatest songs of all time and he put a lot of heart into somg of these songs. I will go ahead and give this era a 8/10 as it did have a lot of filler recorded (not like he put any of these out anyway) and also it fell a bit short in depth.

EBBTG - This is a true masterpiece, he was very experimental and changed his style a lot fot his, it ended up becoming some of his best work. The album itself is enough to write a essay on but the unreleased songs are outstanding as well. I really liked the song from the era 'Free Blac Youngsta', he just talked about how no one deserves to be imprisoned and ate the insane beat up. 'Critics', 'Macarena', 'To Me', 'Safe', 'Jeep', and 'Big B's with Quavo' are a wonderful package and couldve been in their own little tape / EP. The album itself had nice features and the vibe is impeccable, I will give this a 9.2/10 as there was some filler on the album that easily could've been replaced.

Super Slimey - Meh, I am not a huge fan of the project itself, it had so much potential and the leaks between these two overshadow the album itself. It had a couple good leaks like 'I'm On' yet the whole era just fell short and the Southside leaks carried. Future did rather well and they have nice chemistry yet there is not enough material with substance to make me satisfied, 'Killed Before', 'I'm On' (Leak), 'Patek Water', & 'All Da Smoke' are the best out of this era. I will give this a solid 7.5/10.

SouthsideThuggin' - This is another unofficial project yet this could've released, I made a very fluid tracklist of songs that belong and it is amazing. The production matches Thug's insane energy and he overshadowed the entire SS era, he knew of his talent and this was just a victory lap so he could show it off some more. This is a bit of a short write up but the album is not released nor going to release. I will give this a smooth 9/10. ( )

Slime Language - This is another album that gets way too much hate like I'm Up. It is a great album and a celebration of the entire YSL Posse's success. I do not mind that it is loaded with features as they often really help the track, even if they do not you cannot help but be happy that they are getting what they deserve and have always wanted. Aside from that the album is HARD, songs like 'Dirty Shoes', 'Audemar', 'Gain Clout' WHEW so good. The leaks from this era are outstanding as well, I just wish that he included Uzi on 'Chanel Go Get It' or 'Audemar' instead of 'It's a Slime'. Regardless it did have some filler and fell a bit short of expectations, a lot of leaks 100% would've improved this album but I respect the approach and inclusion of his group heavily. I will give this a 8.7/10.

On The Rvn - Great EP, not too much to say about it as there is not a lot of material. This is his best EP and in my opinion it is another victory lap for thug. It had different moods and emotions depending on the song and 'High' will always be a classic. I really enjoyed this and I will give it a 8.6/10.

So Much Fun - So Much Fun is a gigantic celebration for Thug, he is exactly where he deserves and has always dreamed of. He includes 'Cartier Gucci Scarf' which was a grail to his fan base, he did this so we could enjoy it and have fun! This is what you listen to when you are in a great mood and just feeling yourself, there is not a lot of leaks in this era aside from alt mixes but it does not really matter when the album is very new and jam packed with substantial content. This is by far one of his best projects and most people do not like it just because they prefer his older works, regardless he deserves the recognition and I am very happy he is where he belongs, the top of the charts. This is a large 9.5/10 and has a lot of replayability, why was 'Boy Back' on this though????

I hope you enjoyed the read and I really recommend you do this as well.

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Jun 21, 2018
An extensive writeup worthy of his extensive catalog of music :khaled2:
Good stuff Chimp, hopefully this will inspire others to attempt this life changing experience as well
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Mar 19, 2019
Extremely nice article chimp. Not many people have the commitment to put this much time into something unique like this, it truly shows your passion for music. Ver proud
My brudda 4L, you will always be my favorite user and friend :rejoice:
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thehatsmol's Hoe
May 23, 2018
Great article, I love reading people's journeys with artists, and thug is one of my favorites of all time, I'd love to see more articles like this. Keep it up Chimp
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May 25, 2018
Ever since I got my mouth fixed I been a whole new species!

Nice article btw man, was a good read
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Oct 4, 2019
Good read, you talk about all this unreleased stuff and I hope we can get that comp one day, anyway this was well written, was a fun read!