LEAKTH.IS User Interview - Alek The "Mol"


Welcome to Alek's Interview
We will now be conducting the most important user Interview on this site.
Grab your takis and lets blast off.

BIO:Growing up Alek didn't have the best childhood, he was born in the slums, (pictured above). He would scrap plastic bottles for money and shoeshine for many of the tourists/foreigners. Finding ways to scavenge money to feed his three children and get them out of the Philippines, he decided to buy a laptop and from there is where the true story begins. From infamous leaks ranging from Lil Uzi Vert - After You to 131x Usher songs, Alek has made his name into the "leaking world" and was so famous that he got himself.


1. Fav artist

Kanye West.

2. Age


3. Drainer?


4. Dream job besides evading taxes and selling music online

RIAA agent.

5. Do you think you can beat up Charlie Puth

Hell no, that man kinda ripped ngl.

6. Two people are drowning, Bladee and Charlie Puth, who are you saving?


7. Do you have a tik tok account unIronically?


8. Favorite Athlete from any sport(s)

Bill Clinton

9. One unreleased song you wish you only had rn

Kanye x Drake x The Weeknd from SHMG

10. Do you really listen to Isaiah Rashad???

Of course I do

11. What was your most DEVASTATING childhood memory

FUCK KINDA QUESTION IS THIS uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh idk man.

12. If you were the owner of keepthis, what song would be your grail. (What song did u wish never leaked)

Gucci Mane - Off The List

13. Minecraft or League of Legends, follow up q, favorite game?

Minecraft, fuck League. Portal 1.

14. What are your PC Specs

I'm on a laptop but i got a 1060 in it tho.
Nice Alek!

15. Lil Tecca/Final Cut Pro/Charizard/In-N-Out (one has to go)

I don't have a mac so Final Cut Pro X.

16. Whats one place you would never work at IRL.


17. Hair color, would u consider dying to pink with me?

Light brown and no.

18. Will we ever get a face reveal

You will see my face when you see a mugshot and i'm in jail.

19. Favirote kids show/cartoon (e.g, nick shows, cartoon network, disney whatever)

Spongebob 😎

20. Whats one thing you always saw but never got the chance to have.

Heelys :banderas:

A serious question for all you tryhards on this site
21: What was your most important leak and the story behind it, also follow up q, what was YOUR favorite leak

My most important leak would def be Hell Nah by J Cole, Anderson .Paak, and Mez. Song is amazing but more importantly the money got donated to a good black lives matter cause. My favorite leak would be Eyes Closed or Never See Me Again by Kanye.

Well that concludes the most important user interview on this website, good morning/goodnight everyone, hope you all have a blessed day. I know, these aren't the questions you were expecting, but for the people I do anything, by the labor of a thousand men I will pry the most willing for their gold. Byee <3.
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Jul 25, 2018
Dade County FL
U should care about your author position 😭
10k on my first article, i'm chilling at the top call me young thug or gunna or drake or Travis Scott or young thug or Panda Express or something else at the top


Dec 10, 2018
10k on my first article, i'm chilling at the top call me young thug or gunna or drake or Travis Scott or young thug or Panda Express or something else at the top
How do u write such an amazing article and then this one...