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To start the Leaks of the Year off, it feels fitting to start with the artist that got many of us into the leak community, Kanye West. This year was undoubtably the biggest year for Kanye leaks we've had yet, with almost an entire scrapped era of leaks. After Kanye postponed his album Yandhi several times, and presumably cancelled it, many fans were left wondering what could have been. However, this years leaks have allowed us to hear many demos and finished songs from the album. Some highlights include Alien / Space X, Last Name/Slave Name, Hurricane, and my personal favorite Chakras (OG Law of Attraction) (which in my opinion, is so much better than the redone Jesus is King version). There were also many, many demos that were not very noteworthy, but interesting looks into the creation process of the lost album. To close it out, one of my favorite leaks this year was a completely different 12+ minute version The Weeknd's All I Know, which has new features from Kanye, Big Sean, Quavo, and The Dream. All in all, it was a phenomenal year for Kanye leaks, and I hope this continues into 2020.

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Travis Scott had a diverse set of leaks from all eras this year. There were leaks from current day all the way back to Rodeo-era. In fact, many demos and original versions of songs from Rodeo leaked this year, including Maria (I'm Drunk), which features Travis singing an extended intro and longer verse. Then there was the longtime grail Left Cheek Right Cheek, which many have waited for for since Bird in the Trap-era. Another longtime grail leaked as well, LoFi. Both lived up to the hype, leaving fans satisfied at last. Other favorite leaks of mine from this year were Blame, which features a side of Travis rarely seen in his official releases, Up Top, an all around amazing Travis song, and License

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Like Travis Scott and Kanye West, Uzi also had a high volume of leaks this year. Most of these leaks are from recent years, since his has yet to release the follow up to Luv is Rage 2. One of the best moments of this year was when Money Keep Coming (Sanguine Paradise), That's a Rack, and Slayer were all leaked, forcing the label to release the songs publicly due to their popularity. Since then, grails such as Harden, Zoom, and Fake From The Jump have been leaked as well. Missing features such as Habits from Nav's "Bad Habits" album and Pink Toes from Quality Control's "Control the Streets Vol. 2" leaked as well. Finally, some other Uzi leaks I throughly enjoyed too were Jet Blown, Nonsense, and 6 Min Freestyle. With Uzi hyping up 2020 as his big year, it is very likely that we will see plenty more Uzi leaks next year.

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Lil Wayne leaks had very few leaks in 2019... until most of the original Tha Carter V from 2014. Almost every song from the planned release has leaked this year, including previously unheard songs and original versions of songs such as Mona Lisa and Open Letter. Leaking an entire albums worth of Wayne songs is surely up there with the best leak moments we've had yet, especially since many have wondered what Tha Carter V sounded like before he rerecorded it. Aside from the leaked album, one of my favorite leaks from this year was Velvet. It's a pretty different sounding Wayne song, and it's simply a great song.

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It has been a pretty stale year for Drake leaks, but the ones we have gotten were pretty huge. Big Mood, from the rumored What a Time to Be Alive 2, was one of the bigger leaks this year. has been a grail for Drake fans for years, and finally leaked this year. One of the cooler parts of this leak was that it eventually became Don't Matter to Me, even though To Feel Things was made years before back in the If You're Reading This It's Too Late-era. It just goes to show how some songs that fans think have been long forgotten can always be released in some form in the future. Lastly, has been my personal favorite leak this year. It was definitely not the biggest leak of the year, but fans of Bryson Tiller and Drake have finally gotten the collaboration they have long waited for.

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Migos as a group had very few leaks in 2019, but the ones that were leaked were great. Speaking of the Devils and Angels and No Cap are both throwaway Migos songs featuring Travis Scott and are pretty much finished. There were also plenty of Offset leaks this year (because he is obviously the best Migo). Some of my most played leaks this year have been Offset songs such as Big Bank Take Lil Bank, Glitch, and Bad Like Mike. Going into 2020, it's confirmed that Culture III will be released at the beginning of the year, so it is likely we will see more Migos leaks as well.

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Last but certainly not least, we have Young Thug. Due to the sheer quantity of songs Thug records, many of his songs were leaked this year including longtime grail and Leak of the Year candidate Disguise. Many big collaborations with artists leak such as 10 Years with Future, Days Before with Mac Miller and Trippie Redd, and Mellow with Gunna, Lil Baby, and 6lack. The Thug community has had many other standout leaks this year, such as Hoe Tendencies, Flowers, and Get What You Want. Thug leaks have been common for years, and 2020 is looking to be no different.

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Thanks for another great year of leaks! A special thanks to all of the staff, group buy cordinators, and members that made this year memorable.

If I did not include your favorite artist or leak, I'm sorry, there's simply too much to get everything!

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