Leaks of the Week (September 8th – September 14th)

What was the Leak of the Week?

  • Lil Wayne - OG Tha Carter V

    Votes: 181 56.7%
  • 21 Savage - Embarrass Ya

    Votes: 64 20.1%
  • Lil Wayne - Velvet

    Votes: 13 4.1%
  • Young Thug (ft. Verse Simmons) - Don't Play With My Head

    Votes: 42 13.2%
  • Mac Miller - Everybody

    Votes: 19 6.0%

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Welcome to Leaks of the Week, where we take a look at some of the best songs that have leaked and break them down.
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1. Lil Wayne - OG Tha Carter V
Leaker: @inDe_eD
Link: OG C5 (Incomplete)

Similar to how I did the Yandhi leaks, I will be grouping all of the OG CV leaks into the top leak of the week. This week, many of the original songs from Tha Carter V were leaked, featuring top-requested songs like Life of Mr. Carter and Scottie Pippen. While I had heard these snippets a few times in the past, I never really understood the hype around them until they leaked in full. Both of these songs, along with the others, lived up and perhaps surpassed the hype around them. Other songs that I really enjoy from the leak are Mute and the OG Mona Lisa, which to me hits a lot harder than the version that ended up being released.


2. 21 Savage - Embarrass Ya
Leaker: @dortmund1
Link: Info: Unknown
Notable Bar:
"Tryna cover pain so the ink deep
I've been through a lot so I think deep
Lil' bitch, I got you lit, you better thank me
Pull up now and suck me like Lewinsky"

As a 21 Savage fan, it's been great to see so many leaks of his recently (on that topic donate to the GB). While the quality on this leak is not the greatest, the song does not disappoint. While the time of recording is unknown, the song sounds like it was made around the Issa Era.


3. Lil Wayne - Velvet
Leaker: @TylerGotGrip
Info: 2014
Notable Bar:
"I'm high off of love, that's why she my pusher"

While the song was technically on the OG Carter V tracklist, it was leaked separately from the others, and it was a pretty dry week of leaks this week. This also happens to be one of my favorite songs from the OG CV tracklist. Lil Wayne uses autotune to sing/rap throughout the song, and the final product comes out great.


4. Young Thug (ft. Verse Simmons) - Don't Play With My Head
Leaker: @Delton
Link: Don't Play WIth My Head
Info: 2015
Notable Bar:

(@lxns didn't transcribe this one and there's no way I'm gonna try to transcribe Thug)
(sidenote @lxns is the goat for transcribing pretty much every leak to come out)

I can't explain exactly why, but this Thug song hits HARD. There's not much more to say about this song, but if you have not listened to this one yet, it's a must listen for sure.


5. Mac Miller - Everybody
Leaker: @Ptnyc
Link: Everybody
Info: 2018
Notable Bar:

"Feel like I've seen a million sunsets, yeah, if you're with me it'll never go away
That's when I stopped and took a look at my baby, she said if you're with me I won't go away

I've never been a huge Mac Miller fan (shout out Donald Trump though that's a classic), but I gotta respect the Mac community for this one. This leak is extremely rough, with the instrumental being nothing more than a kick and snare loop. However, any posthumous Mac leak is valuable.​

Honorable Mentions:
Desiigner - Glory Days
Smokepurpp - Drop it in water
young nudy - real nigga

Thanks for another great week of leaks! Thanks to @ejthakid and @barter for filling in while I was gone. After doing Leaks of the Week pretty much all summer, I decided it was time to take a couple of weeks off. Thanks for all the support on the blogs recently, LOTW been doing crazy numbers.

RIP @eliantte :reallysad:
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