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Welcome to Leaks of the Week, where we take a look at some of the best songs that have leaked and break them down. Leave a vote for your favorite leak on the poll above.

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1. Playboi Carti - One Day
Leaker: @TKmoneyy
Link: One Day
Info: 2017
Notable Bar:
"Man, we was bound to fade
I'm so fuckin' high, I need to find my shade
Diamonds on me shinin', need to find some shade
Niggas always hatin', why they fuckin' hate?"

This is probably one of the best Carti leaks out of all of the recent ones, alongside Pitstop, in my opinion. Previewed by Pi'erre before the Self-Titled release, the song was thought to be lost when it didn't drop on S/T and Die Lit, until Ian Connor recently posted a snippet this year. I really like me some Self-Titled Carti and this style to me is fucking heat, plus this Pi'erre-produced beat is fire, love the piano and that distorted bass part.


2. Travis Scott - I Can Tell (Original Version)
Leaker: @dortmund1
Link: I Can Tell (Original Version)
Info: 2015
Notable Bar:
"It all started in the basement
Was an attic but we called that shit the basement
Bass used to break all my momma vases
Unc shot my first 8 then, nigga I probably wasn't eight then"

This version of the song was previewed by Travis on his Snapchat in 2015. This song has no significant difference at all, except the mixing. This version doesn't have the synths and this is before they fucked up his vocals. In my opinion, this mix is far more better than the album version.


3. Juice WRLD - Floor It
Leaker: @Googly
Link: Floor It
Info: 2018
Notable Bar:
"I bet when she take it off, she look like Michael Jordan"

I don't really have anything to say about this but if I were to, I'd say this is probably the best leak out of all the Juice leaks because most of them were just plain singing emo shit, but this one has a chill vibe and nice beat to it while he's talking about drugs and love at the same time like he usually does.

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4. A$AP Rocky - That Girl
Leaker: @Buffydabody
Link: That Girl
Info: 2018
Notable Bar:
"See that black man, say peace
Leave that black man, say peace
All I'm tryna say is in the streets
Keep the peace, man, I keep the peace"

I guess this is a nice song. I fuck with that experimental type shit Rocky approaches on this track, but sadly it was too short, the second half of the song was just an open verse. A snippet of this song was leaked by SpirDark on August 2019, and was eventually leaked last Tuesday.


5. Kanye West feat. Chance the Rapper & Francis and the Lights - Take Me to the Light (Demo)
Leaker: @maxyy
Link: Take Me to the Light (Demo)
Info: 2019
Notable Bar:
"Everytime, you ain't lyin', heaven is a ride
I just wanna ride, I just wanna try, somethin' new tonight
Heaven is a flight, don't leave me outside, take me everytime"

This song is a demo of the Francis and the Lights' recent release, "Take Me to the Light". This version of the song has a notable extra verse from Chance the Rapper, a mumble Kanye hook, and an open verse. The song also has a simple beat with hihats and a choir in the background. A decent demo in my opinion, but I think the released version is still better though.

Honorable Mentions:
Young Thug feat. Verse Simmons - Don't Play With My Head
Young Thug - Thugger Thugger YSL Slatt
Playboi Carti - Cancùn
Lil Wayne - Can't Be Broken (Demo)
NAV - Boy Back (Demo + Stems)
Post Malone - Ric Flair (Demo)
Rapsody feat. SIR & J.I.D - Iman (Original Version)
Playboi Carti - Asthma
Mac Miller - Circles
The Weeknd - Young Nigga Poetry
Juice WRLD - Anything But Normal
Meek Mill feat. 6LACK -
Drip O' Clock
The Weeknd - Come Thru
Juice WRLD - His To Keep
Travis Scott - Blue Pill (Demo V3)
Juice WRLD - Classroom
Cassie - Love A Loser (Demo)
Yung Bans - Eeeny Miny Moe
Mac Miller - Good News
Yung Bans - 4th of July (Demo)
Juice WRLD - Ducks
Mac Miller -
Guitar Case

@Leakify will be back and will be taking over the LOTW article next week. My time here is over, so thank you for taking your time to read this. Also, this is my first article, so please make sure to leave your thoughts below. Thank you! :)
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