Finished Leaks of the Week (November 8th - November 14th)

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  • AM to PM

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  • In My Arm/Bad News

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  • Real High

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  • Good Morning

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Welcome to Leaks of the Week, where we take a look at some of the best songs that have leaked and break them down.
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Leaker: @Sweiv
Info: Iridescence era, grail.
Notable Bar:

"They said we was kids, was tryin' to live
Instead we made millions, boy I'm resilient"

You may be surprised at seeing a BROCKHAMPTON leak at the top spot, but if you've listened to the song then you'd probably agree that this song is amazing. Every member on this song does a great job. From Kevin's autotuned pre-chorus, and Joba's very catchy chorus, to Matt Champion's pitched up verse.
This also sounds perfectly at home with the era this is from, since the instrumental feels beautiful and weird at the same time with the strings and the keyboard, and I love it.

1580579904_2240bc02cbcb3000e3d92470367dc2bc (1).jpg

2. Migos (feat. DaBaby) - AM to PM
Leaker: @mikepence
AM to PM
Info: Culture 3 album song, grail.
Notable Bar:
"Ten bad bitches wanna rape me (Ten)"

I do not like DaBaby, and Migos this year have been extremely mid, but despite that I loved the snippet of this when it was previewed and became a bit of a grail for me. So you can expect that I loved this track when it finally leaked. All of the Migos slide on this beat, and provide a few colorful lyrics too. While DaBaby provides a surprisingly great performance.
The only problems I have with this track is that the beat is kinda trash being produced by DJ Durel and DJ K.i.D. But this is in Migos and DaBaby favor, since their performances pop out more. The other issue I have is that it feels like it ends too early. It ends while DaBaby has just started going in on his 2nd verse, so it feels a bit short despite being 3 and a half minutes.


3. Juice WRLD - In My Arm/Bad News
Leaker: @stupid
In My Arm
Info: World On Drugs era, grail.
Notable Bar:
"She told me that I don't have appreciation for stars
If that's true, then how I fall in love with a star?"

Because of the fact this week was kinda weak after the first 2, I had to put a Juice leak in this list. Most of what makes other Juice songs great applies here too, so not anything special at first glance.
But the reason I highlighted this specific leak is because for some reason the Autotune on this leak sounds so slightly different from other Juice leaks and a bit heavier. So for me this song sounds just that tiny bit more emotional than other Juice WRLD leaks.

4. Don Toliver - Real High
Leaker: @nemesis
Real High
Info: Heaven or Hell era
Notable Bar:
"Do what Simon say

Bend over and touch your legs"

I usually don't listen to Don Toliver leaks, even though I see he's talented and like a quite a few of his songs, but since I decided to do this list for this week I had to listen to as much leaks as I could. And this song blew me away. The production is the huge highlight for me. The synth at the beginning of the song, the crazy flute during the mid point, the choir at the end of the song. All of it just shows how good of a producer WondaGurl is.
Don Toliver also puts in a good performance as usual, and even experiments with a higher pitched voice during parts of the song.

5. Ant Clemons (feat. Jeremih) - Good Morning
Leaker: @kermit
Good Morning
Info: Made in 2018 before Yandhi sessions
Notable Bar:
"Juggling my jealousy

On some magic shit"

This song has been a huge grail for me for a while. I love the Yandhi version of Selah/Chakras, and Ant Clemons carries my Yandhi comp. So finally getting to hear it is great.
The beat sounds even better in this version than it did on the Yandhi demo, and Ant Clemons has a very catchy hook over it. But the best part of the song has to be Jeremih's verse. All in all it's a great song that I'll return to quite often, or just make an edit with the Yandhi version of Chakras.

Honorable Mentions:
A shit ton of other Juice WRLD
90x KayCyy Pluto
55x Ant Clemons
Kanye West - Tragically Beautiful (ass, but at least it's interesting)
Playboi Carti - Lies (ass, but I have to put here or else Carti fans go haywire)

Logic - Perfect (Remix) [Feat. A$AP Ferg, and Lil Wayne]
21 Savage - KKK
Polo G - Let It Bust (feat. King Von)
Ant Clemons - House Party
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