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Welcome to Leaks of the Week, where we take a look at some of the best songs that have leaked and break them down.
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1. Don Toliver - Furious
Leaker: @Lil Uzi Vert
Link: Furious
Donny Womack Era
Notable Bar:
"Yeah I be all at the mall blowin measurements
Now, now I'm sittin' at the table countin' dividends"

I never thought a Don Toliver leak would be the #1 spot in a Leaks of the Week, but here we are. Furious is definitely deserving of its spot, as Don Toliver performs great on this Mike Will Made It produced song. My biggest knock on Heaven or Hell was the Toliver used his "Can't Say" flow a bit too much. On this song he's in his element and gives fans an enjoyable leak to listen to.


2. A$AP Ferg (ft. Lil Wayne & Smoove'L) - Ceilings
Leaker: @Travis Scott
Link: Ceilings
Notable Bar:
"Stars came on the roof but I removed the roof and we can see the stars, bitch
I got dogs on the loose, you can call a truce but I can’t call ‘em off bitch"

Ceilings was the most "interesting" leak from this week. I may be wrong, but I don't think I've heard Wayne on a drill beat. No surprise, he killed it. Drill music has always been hit or miss to me and this song is no difference. Smoove'L and ASAP Ferg do nothing for me on the song, but Wayne saved this and made it into a somewhat enjoyable listen.


3. Juice WRLD - All Smoke
Link: All Smoke
World On Drugs Era
Notable Bar:
"Ballin' to the point, feel like I'm Iman Shumpert"

The sad reality is that Juice WRLD leaks were a dime a dozen before his death, and have become more valuable to the community now. This song is pretty much what you'd expect from a Juice WRLD song. Producer OZ gives him a great beat to flow over, and Juice does his thing.


4. Kacy Hill - 90210 (Solo)
Leaker: @Braincracker
Link: 90210 (Solo)
Info: 2015

This leak is basically a reference track to the all-time great Travis Scott song, 90210. Kacy Hill has some vocals on the official song, but this version clearly shows that she had sung much more than what ended up on the final song. I always like to hear leaks like this that show how a song was truly developed, so if you're into those kind of leaks or just Travis Scott music in general, this is a must listen.


5. Trippie Redd (feat. Quavo & Offset) - Ghostbusters OG
Leaker: @thxyuvi
Ghostbusters OG
Info: 2018
Notable Bar:
"I'm throwing the Patek on because it's a pussy magnet

Wait, you don't want static, Holmes? Them choppers start singin' like Gladys"

Ghostbusters OG features minor changes to the released song, but the major change is that it features Offset. Offset delivers a solid verse and it makes me question why Trippie left him off the song. Unfortunately, even in a leaked version, Takeoff is singled out and left off a song once again.

Honorable Mentions:
DaBaby & YSN Flow - VIP
Kanye West (ft. John Legend) - Two Words
Kanye West x Bon Iver - Fine Line
Lil Durk - Biggie
Lil Yachty x Lil Keed - Range Rover Sports Truck
Mac Miller - Are We There Yet
Mac Miller - Bitch I Make That Booty Go

Tory Lanez - Lotta Money Avenues

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