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Welcome to Leaks of the Week, where we take a look at some of the best songs that have leaked and break them down.
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1. Lil Wayne - Tha Carter Chronicles
Leaker: @d_robinson
Link: Tha Carter Chronicles
Various Eras
Notable Bar:
All of Them

What can I say, 18 Lil Wayne songs leaking at once is one of the top leaks we've ever had. There's a variety of different songs included in this pack of leaks, some new, some old, some are just ideas/demos, some are finished songs. Shoutout to the community for funding the $5k groupbuy for these, it's quite the accomplishment. Some of my favorite songs from this pack include Scottie Pippen V2 (even though I still like the OG better) and Hasta La Vista (OG).

(Note: This leaked last Saturday, but unfortunately I was putting the finishing touches on last week's LOTW so I moved it to this week)


2. Drake - Not Around
Leaker: @More Life
Link: Not Around

Info: Unknown (Rumored to be Late-2018/Early-2019)
Notable Bar:
"I'ma just give it to you direct, instead of me throwin' this shit

You know you important and shit
You know I'm supportin' this shit

We used to do pornos when you would come over but now you got morals and shit"

Yet another huge Drake leak this week. Not Around is one of the most recently recorded Drake leaks we've had yet, with it being recorded sometime from Scorpion-Era to present time (due to the mention of his kid who was born during Scorpion-Era). This is personally one of my favorite Drake leaks, and could have been an album-worthy song.


3. The Weekend - XO/Crew Love (OG OG Crew Love)
Leaker: @More Life
Link: XO/Crew Love (OG OG Crew Love)

Notable Bar:
"Shots of tequila, bottles of Patron
Blunts to the face, you don't wanna sing no more

O Over 8 years after this snippet first appeared on the internet, the OG OG version of Crew Love has been leaked. This version features an extra verse and a completely different beat than the released version. If the words to The Weeknd's second verse were not the same as his Crew Love verse, this song would have been completely unrecognizable. The released Crew Love song is a classic OVOXO song, so it's extremely cool to hear what it sounded like before being passed on to Drake.


4. Ty Dolla $ign - Ego Death (ft. Kanye West, FKA twigs, and serpentwithfeet)
Leaker: @iRyhz
Link: Ego Death

Notable Bar:
"Lotta people be thinkin', but I'm just a sayer
Artists can't perform the Super Bowl, but it's okay for the players"

Surprisingly, this is now the second Kanye leak in a row that is pretty much finished (instead of the usual mumble demos we've heard for the last few months). Ty Dolla $ign and Kanye have had some really good songs together and this one is no different. Kanye has a solid verse, Ty Dolla $ign is amazing as always, and FKA twigs delivers on the outro. I was not a huge fan of serpentwithfeet's part, but it doesn't really hurt the quality of the song.


5. Quavo - Money Showers (feat. Chance The Rapper & Lil' Yachty)
Leaker: @Mad Maxy
Money Showers
Info: 2016?
Notable Bar:
"Now they stuck doin' talk shows

Why you hatin' on me?
I've been feelin' good, got this ice on my sleeve

I'm a young, rich nigga, why you hatin' on me?"

Every week there's a leak that I don't expect to like at all, but surprises me. Money Showers was my that leak this week. None of the artists on this song are my favorites, but the song just... works. The soft melodic beat fits the styles of all the artists perfectly, and compared to what each of these artists have released recently, I'm extremely surprised this song was never released.

Honorable Mentions:
BROCKHAMPTON - Sugar (feat. Dua Lipa)
Juice WRLD x2 - Impatient || Hide (feat. Kodak Black) [OG]
Lil Wayne - Never Let It
Mac Miller - Alarm
Post Malone - Too much
Travis Scott - Up To Something (Version 3) [prod. Metro Boomin]
YG - Go Girl (feat. Lil Wayne & Tyga)

Thanks for another great week of leaks!
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