Leaks of the Week (June 23rd - June 29th)

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  • Lil Uzi Vert - Untitled (Jet Blown)

    Votes: 93 47.9%
  • Kanye West ft. Post Malone and Justin Bieber - Jealous

    Votes: 65 33.5%
  • PartyNextDoor x Quavo - Untitled (Who Am I)

    Votes: 8 4.1%
  • Miguel ft. Travis Scott - Waves (OG)

    Votes: 15 7.7%
  • Kendrick Lamar ft. Busta Rhymes and Nikki - Look Over Your Shoulders V2

    Votes: 8 4.1%
  • Other (Comment below)

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Welcome to Leaks of the Week, where we take a look at some of the best songs that have leaked and break them down. Leave a vote for your favorite leak on the poll above.

1. Lil Uzi Vert - Untitled (Jet Blown)
Leaker: @lxns (sold by @robloxgang via Group Buy)
Link: Untitled (Jet Blown)
Info: Eternal Atake Era (2018)
Notable Bar:
"Yes I’m from Fidel, not no Castro
She said she want anal, bitch, I’m not no asshole
Bitch, I’m a chick magnet, these niggas, they maggots
Margiela, long jacket, like Inspector Gadget'"

Yet another big Uzi leak to top this week of leaks. Produced by Wheezy, this is a look the type of music Uzi has been making in the Eternal Atake era. This song was previewed multiple times last year, and finally leaked this past week.

2. Kanye West ft. Post Malone and Justin Bieber - Jealous
Leaker: @lxns (sold by @SwaeCae via Group Buy)
Link: Jealous
TurboGrafx16 (2016)
Notable Bar:
"And I want a twenty on my chain, it dangles
Bands on me, I just might fuck your bitch like BangBros
So much jewelry on my neck, my fuckin' bank froze
And I wanna fuck it while I'm watchin' bank roll"

Yet another leak from the Kanye West and Post Malone duo, their third following No Reason and Fuck the Internet (along with the release of Fade). The hype around this pair has died down a bit since No Reason leaked, but this was still a huge leak, as usual with Kanye leaks.

3. PartyNextDoor x Quavo - Untitled (Who Am I)
Leaker: @ferda boys
Who Am I
Info: 2016
Notable Bar:
"Said I wanna smash, told her, "What's the odds?"
Hypnotized by my cash, and I'm livin' large"

This was a surprise leak to see. With PartyNextDoor being practically radio silent for some time now, it was great to see a new leak of his. Quavo and PartyNextDoor have had other great collaborations in the past, and this is a great addition. Although this song is still in a rough state, it was still great to hear.

4. Miguel ft. Travis Scott - Waves (OG)
Leaker: @ye_wheeler
Waves (OG)
Info: Wildheart (2015)
Notable Bar:
"Somewhere shaded with my hair braided
Hate to tell you I couldn't make it
But be your man, I can be that later
Right now I might pull up on ya' on my surfboard like I'm Kelly Slater"

This version of the song Waves has a slightly different Travis verse than the one on the remix, along with a different beat. The leak provides an interesting look at the original version of the song.

5. Kendrick Lamar ft. Busta Rhymes and Nikki - Look Over Your Shoulders V2
Leaker: @Alek
Look Over Your Shoulders V2
Info: Pre-DAMN (2016)
Notable Bar:
"Devote my time and mind it seems
Supposed to shine, remind I'm king
Provoke the blind and bomb the fiends
The pro's the con's, the diamond rings"

This version of Look Over Your Shoulders is exactly the same as the first version but with a different beat. With the first version being a part of the huge TDE leak last year, it is again nice to see another version of the same song.

Honorable Mentions:
Juice WRLD - Under Her Skin
Lil Mosey - Best Friend
Lil Mosey ft. Sauve - Rockstar Bitch
Travis Scott - Marietta (Acapella)

Thank you to everyone for another great week of leaks! A special thanks to everyone involved in the groupbuys of Jet Blown and Jealous. The leaks would not have been possible without the sellers, organizers, and donators involved.

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