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Welcome to Leaks of the Week, where we take a look at some of the best songs that have leaked and break them down. Leave a vote for you favorite leak on the poll above.

1. Pusha T ft. Kanye West - How Do You Respond (OG What Would Meek Do)
Leaker: @ye_wheeler
Link: How Do You Respond (OG WWMD)
Info: Daytona Era/Wyoming Sessions
Notable Bar:
"How can one man take a company down?
I can see Nike contemplatin' that
'Like bro, we're fucked, what's the best plan?
I don't know, hire Ye's best man'"

This was one of the most anticipated leaks earlier last month, but was privately purchased and thought to be vaulted. Fortunately, we are now able to hear the full version for ourselves. When it was originally being sold, it was said that it had disses on both J Cole and Drake. It was disappointing to hear that it was simply name drops and not really “disses", but what really made the leak for me was the middle of the verse where Kanye goes off on Nike. Even though the leak is in an unfinished state, and Kanye’s famous mumble bars are present, it was still interesting to see the original version of this song.

2. Future - Rings On Me
Leaker: @Udontknowme
Link: Rings On Me
According to user @420kbps this is Monster era (2014)
Notable Bar:
"You tried to wife her, but she loving on the crew
She getting recycled, we gon' fuck her like she new"

Future on a Metro beat remains undefeated. Future’s verses are all great on here, but his 3rd verse stands out to me. Future’s flow towards the end fits perfectly on Metro’s beat.

3. Big Sean ft. Lil Wayne - Human Nature
Leaker: @Udontknowme
Link: Human Nature
Info: Possibly a newer song that Sean and Wayne recorded after their SNL performance a few weeks ago (see Sean’s IG post)
Notable Bar:
"No negotiation this is world domination
You can't fill the trophy cases up with nominations"

As a huge Big Sean fan, I was excited to see that this song leaked, especially due to the fact that Sean leaks are somewhat uncommon. Sean and Wayne both had great verses and the production does the job.

4. Young Thug - Ha Ha
Leaker: @smoke
Link: Ha Ha
Info: According to the file data, this is from 2017
Notable Bar:
"Stacking my pesos, fuck what the Wraith do
Timeout, I’m living my life like I’m Jésus"

I’m not usually the biggest Thugger fan, but this song was too good to keep off of this list. With all of the Young Thug that has leaked recently, this one was a standout to me. The beat is energetic and Thug keeps it going throughout the song, switching his flow and voice frequently.

5. Kanye West - Hurry
Leaker: @Udontknowme (shoutout @Alek and @Sidewalk for putting the stems together)
Link: Hurry
Info: KTSE Era/Wyoming Sessions
Notable Bar:
"We was freshmen, you was out to test men
You was up at Spelman, I might have fucked your best friend"

Although this song features a lot of Ye's infamous mumble bars, it is still quite interesting to see the progression from this reference track/demo to the finished version on Teyana Taylor's KTSE. Kanye leaks are always really cool to hear (rip r/KanyeLeaks) and this one had to be on the list of leaks of the week.

Honorable Mentions:
21 Savage ft. Drake and Thug - Issa (Mastered)
21 Savage - Scared Now (7 Min Freestyle Demo)
Dreamville - Down Bad (OG)
Juice WRLD - Widow
Kanye West - Saint Pablo (Alternate)
Lil Wayne ft. Jojee - In A Cage
Offset - Too Deep
Post Malone & Swae Lee - Ric Flair (V1)
Pusha T - If You Know You Know (DEMO)
Pusha T - Santeria (OG)
Travis Scott - RaRa (OG)
Travis Scott ft. Ty Dolla Sign - Hot Sauce
Travis Scott - Pornography (OG)
Young Thug - Lil Mama
Young Thug - Niggas Ain’t Ready
Young Thug & Gunna - Your Generosity

Thank you to everyone for another great week of leaks! If you enjoyed the blog or have any ideas/criticism, let me know in the comments. Myself and the other bloggers are trying to come out with more consistent articles, and this could be the start to a new weekly series if people like this.
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