Leaks Of The Week (February 16 - February 23)

Who had the Leak of the Week?

  • Future - Slow Down

    Votes: 47 24.1%
  • Mac Miller - Deeper Than Pink

    Votes: 28 14.4%
  • Lil Wayne - We Livin Like Thats

    Votes: 23 11.8%
  • Drake - Dont Run

    Votes: 81 41.5%
  • Post Malone - Never Change

    Votes: 16 8.2%

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Welcome to Leaks of the Week, where we take a look at some of the best songs that have leaked and break them down. Leave a vote for your favorite leak on the poll above.

future banner.jpg

1. Future - Slow Down Prod. Metro Boomin
Leaker: @slimeyyy4L
Link:Slow Down
Info: 2016, Metro Boomin Produced
Notable Bar:
"I told my brother metro we about to change the whole sound
And before I go insane im about to change my whole style
I wouldn't be here today without my environment
Embracing my dawgs like brothers
Man fuck all these diamonds"

This unexpected leak is a collaboration between world famous producer Metro Boomin and Future. This track features Future going off for 3 mintues on this classic Metro beat, giving the listener an excellent dark / trap / hard vibe on the track.

mac miller.jpg

2. Mac Miller - Deeper Than Pink Prod. Lex Luger
Leaker: @redpints
Link: Deeper Than Pink
Info: Macadelic Era (2012), Lex Luger Produced
Notable Bar:
Don't call you honey
But you sweeter than the candy
After Halloween and Valentines day
Both put together
You never gon' find one better
This love for you, last forever

This track surfaced after a group buy done for it earlier this week. Recorded around when the "Macadelic" album was made in 2012. On this track you can hear Mac Miller flowing on this old school beat. He is talking about a girl that he had broken her heart, and how he would never want to replace her and how he loved her.

lil wayne.jpg

3. Lil Wayne - We Livin Like That
Leaker: @Achilles
Link: We Livin Like That
Info: 2017
Notable Bar:

I don’t know man it’s like lately, I ain’t been myself (Nope)
I looked into the mirror and I see somebody else I don’t recognize the face that I wear (Damn)
I look into my eyes and ain’t nobody there and I’m sleeping with a bitch I don’t know (Who is you?)
She sleeping with the dick down her throat oh lord

Recorded around 2017, you can hear Wayne rapping on this slow trap vibe beat for 3 minutes straight, with a very catchy chorus and a few verses. Wayne is talking about personal experiences and about things that he had been doing, mentioning that he cannot recognize himself because of how he has been lately.


4. Drake - Don't Run
Leaker: @More Life
Link: https://leakth.is/threads/dont-run-partynextdoor-reference.74338/unread
Info: 2016, Views Era
Notable Bar:

She said she wanna come to Toronto
She wanna come to the 6 side
She know that's the best side

This version of Don't Run was a refernce to Don't Run that was released by PartyNextDoor on his album PARTYNEXTDOOR3. On this version you can hear drake flowing on the chill vibed beat, refering to girls that want to come towards him and he also refers to certain unknown people on certain bars.

Post Malone.jpg

5. Post Malone - Never Change
Leaker: @Boofus
Link: https://leakth.is/threads/post-malone-never-change.74548/unread
Info: 2016, Stoney Sessions
Notable Bar:
Jump out, still saucy
I know they can't stand me, they stare at me
They can't catch me, I'm too damn fast
I'ma hop out that bird to the Seven Series

Being previewed in 2016 by Post Malone, and later on being up for sale by Music Mafia in 2018, the hype for this track always stayed alive. In this track, that didn't make the cut for "Stoney", he raps about how people change and that people are so cold, while he stays the same and will never change.

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