Leaks of the Week (December 2 - December 8)

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  • Brains

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  • O’Captain My Dragons

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  • Look At You

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Welcome to Leaks of the Week, where we take a look at some of the best songs that have leaked and break them down. Leave a vote for your favorite leak on the poll above.

5. Post Malone - Kurt Cobain ft. Rich the Kid

Leaker: @Alek

Link: https://leakth.is/threads/post-malone-kurt-cobain-ft-rich-the-kid.59626/

Info: 2018

Notable Bar:

"Feeling like Kurt Cobain

Feeling like so insane

I got love on the brain

Drugs in the vein and I feel like I could fly"

If you had told me that Post Malone ft. Rich the Kid would have made it top LOTW, I wouldn't have believed you, but either due to the drought of quality leaks this week or the unexpected quality of this collaboration, it lands a spot at #5. Post Malone croons on the catchy hook and Rich the Kid delivers solid vocals and an alright verse, but an open verse and general pop-vibe of the track holds it back.

4. NBA Youngboy - Rockstar Life ft. Young Thug

Leaker: @Revolt_YT

Link: https://leakth.is/threads/nba-youngboy-rockstar-life-ft-young-thug.59984/

Info: 2017

Notable Bar:

"I speak the truth ain't done no lyin'

Sleep wit a different bitch every night"

Just managing to sneak into the week, this track features a surprisingly solid performance by Youngboy, a banger verse by Thug and a chill beat. Only reason it's not any higher is because it is a little generic and the next three songs are of such high quality.

3. 21 Savage - Brains

Leaker: @Alek

Link: https://leakth.is/threads/21-savage-brains.59570/

Info: 2018

Notable Bar:

"Said she wanna fuck again let her hit my bro"

The song is just as cold as how it was leaked. It features 21 spitting over a minimalist drum beat for roughly 3 minutes and features some of his hardest bars in recent memory. It's all pulled together by a chorus of 21's complimenting each other in a haunting outro.

2. Mac Miller - O'Captain My Dragons

Leaker: @DR3W

Link: https://leakth.is/threads/mac-miller-ocaptain-my-dragons.59760/page-2#post-656397

Info: 2013

Notable Bar:

"Pluto's still a planet if you ask me

Flow is crafty

No one's gonna catch me"

In a historic Mac Miller GB, this song from the Faces era was the clear standout. It features eclectic, bouncy beat and great wordplay from Mac, along with great strings and an emotional outro. Even if you do not normally listen to Mac, I still highly recommend this one.

1. Mac Miller - Look At You ft. Earl Sweatshirt and Kevin Gates


Link: ...

Info: 2015

Notable Bar:

"You know I'm cut from the same cloth that they use for kevlar

Ain't sober so much, been faded and I don't remember"

Hate to put two Mac leaks at the top spots but this song really is something special. Earl, Kevin and Mac body the old-school verse in a 5 minute spectacle. This is not only my leak of the week, but one of my leaks of the year. Listen to it if you haven't.

Honorable Mentions:

Jeremih - Tropics ft. Quentin Miller

Ty Dolla. $ign - Replace Your Ex ft. Wiz Khalifa, Tierra Whack

JuiceWRLD - Sleep Paralysis prod. Chainsmokers


Hope you enjoyed this week's list! This is my first article so let me know what I can improve on and if you would want to see more from me.
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