Leaks of the Week (August 18th - August 24th)

What was the Leak of the Week?

  • Young Thug ft. Gunna, 6lack, and Lil Baby - Mellow

    Votes: 61 16.2%
  • Travis Scott & Quavo ft. Offset - LoFi

    Votes: 104 27.6%
  • Playboi Carti - Red on Red

    Votes: 159 42.2%
  • 21 Savage - Come and Get Your Bitch

    Votes: 25 6.6%
  • A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie - Maserati

    Votes: 14 3.7%
  • Other (comment below)

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Welcome to Leaks of the Week, where we take a look at some of the best songs that have leaked and break them down.
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1. Young Thug ft. Gunna, 6lack, and Lil Baby - Mellow
Leaker: @Travis Scott
Link: Mellow V1 and Mellow V2
Info: 2018
Notable Bar:
"Tryna keep my cool, that ain't easy to do

Get high like a skyline, need to give me time to regroup
On the pavement so I keep that, now she feel like she in school
Teach you game like a tutor, you won't fall in love with a fool"

Usually with Leaks of the Week, I try to take the general opinion of the leaks via thread views/general hype and base my list that way. However, I decided that Mellow was just too good to not put #1. Mellow was originally a throw in for the All Year/LoFi groupbuy, and taking it out of the group buy all together was even discussed. Not too many people were very excited for the song. To my surprise, it became the best song from the group buy, and one of the best leaks this year. On the hook, Young Thug sets the tone on a beautiful guitar melody. Gunna and 6lack's verse is the standout part of this song. I would have never guessed that the two of them would sound so good trading bars, but both voices meshed together perfectly. In the second verse, Lil Baby and Young Thug continue the momentum of the song.


2. Travis Scott & Quavo ft. Offset - LoFi
Leaker: @Travis Scott
Link: LoFi
Info: 2017
Notable Bar:
"I'm smokin' up gas, it's smelling like sewage

Look at that ass, it's bigger than Judy's
I need cash, need it fast, hand itchin' like a rash

I stay down, put the northside on the map"

While LoFi did not quite live up to the hype it has had for over a year, it is still a big enough leak that it deserves the #2 spot. LoFi was first teased on Beat 1 radio along with ReRun, but neither were included on Huncho Jack. Since then, another cut song from the album, Smell of Money has leaked, and ReRun was released on Quavo's solo album. LoFi sounds far from finished, but is definitely still in a listenable form, especially with the edits that have come out since it leaked.


3. Playboi Carti - Red on Red
Leaker: @Limbus2
Playboi Carti - Red on Red
Info: 2018
Notable Bar:
"Rockin' Vlone when I'm poppin' out, ah
Blingin' my ice, I'm just showin' out
I'm fuckin' your bitch, the new word of mouth
All of these eaters gon' find it out"

As with the week filled with Kanye leaks, I try my best to only include one leak per artist in Leaks of the Week. Of the six Carti leaks from this week, this was the biggest. Red on Red was produced by 16yrold, and was supposed to be included on Carti's next album, Whole Lotta Red. While I am not a Carti fan by any means, this leak was big enough to land on the top leaks of the week. Shoutout to all the Carti fans that have raised all the money in this weeks group buys.


4. 21 Savage - Come and Get Your Bitch
Leaker: @Bren
Link: Come and Get Your Bitch
Info: 2017
Notable Bar:

"Nigga I'ma G, and I always be (Straight up)
You took SAT's, I was sellin' P's (21)
You had A's and B's, I had .223's (On God)
You was beggin' please, I had her on her knees (On God)"

Yet another 21 Savage X Pierre Bourne song has leaked this week. Out of all of them, this one is my favorite. The song sounds finished, and 21 delivers some great bars. It is surprising to see this many 21 Savage X Pierre Bourne songs leak but not officially release, as it truly fits 21's current style. Nonetheless, this is a great throwaway 21 Savage song, and will certainly get a lot of replays from me in the future.


5. A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie - Maserati
Leaker: @robzombie
Link: A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie - Maserati
Info: Unknown
Notable Bar:

"I swear I ain't got no time for it
If they can't make it, they copy it
Me and my stylist are stylist
We pick out our outfits
You know I'ma body it

Maserati has been passed around for what feels like forever. This week it has finally leaked. Maserati features a paranoid A Boogie singing about his fear about getting caught for his actions. The song sounds finished, and would have been a great song if released.​

Honorable Mentions:
Playboi Carti - Brand New Bih
Playboi Carti - I Got (Tattoo)
Playboi Carti - Pitstop
Playboi Carti ft. Young Nudy - Mister
Playboi Carti ft. Gunna - Monday Thru Sunday
Post Malone - Circles
Juice WRLD - Addicted
Juice WRLD - And Go
Juice WRLD - out the projects
Juice WRLD - Tick Tock
Juice WRLD - Time Stops
Travis Scott - All Year
Travis Scott - BluePill (Fiya) [Demo V3]
Travis Scott - Whip (demo)
Trippie Redd ft. Soldier Kidd - Not Mariah
XXXTENTACION - Chapter 1 (Outro)

Thanks for another great week of leaks! As always, I gotta give a few shoutouts. First, I gotta thank @ejthakid for doing LOTW last week. He did a great job, and if you haven't already checked it out I would recommend you do so. Also, thanks @Guwop for being an amazing owner. I haven't had many direct interactions with you, but I've seen what you've done for the site and community as a whole for the year this site has been writing. It's crazy to see all the OG staff retiring. Try to stay out of jail.
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King Capital
May 20, 2019
This week is torturous to pick a leak from because of how much quality there was this week, a nice contrast to last week which was shit. I'm essentially stuck between the choices of Mellow, Red On Red, I Got (Tattoo), Pitstop, Monday Through Sunday and All Year. But overall, I probably have to pick Mellow because of how much it surprised me with it's quality and how it finally inspired me to listen to more Thugger which I don't regret.
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