CRASH RARRI - Can's underrated artist (pt1?)

Hello! Today I am going to shine some light on a little known artist: Crash Rarri. Crash Rarri Comes out of Ohio but mainly focuses on chicago/atlanta style rap similar to Chief Keef and Gucci mane. Crash rarri was inspired in his early life by artists such as Kanye and like I said before Gucci mane, and because of these inspirations, you can hear a direct inspiration from their music into his work. Personally what appeals to me the most about him is how he can combine all his styles from Atlanta style , Florida, and Chicago into one pleasing creation. Now please enjoy as I walk you through his ever expanding music career.

He began rapping in 2017 with an introduction album - 20UTH2ID3 2 WORLDWID3


In this album, Rarri expresses many flows, these consisting of fast and smooth, chopped, and other different styles which he is not afraid to express. Needless to say he is not afraid to hop in on ny beat and just do his thing. In my opinion, Rarri could have invested in some more catchy beats to truly express his true colors.
But anyway here are some honorable mentions from the album

Next Up we have Rarri's second album Ghetto.


Encased in this album, Rarri get's to release his better selfe and starts to get more comfortable with his abilities and limitations. Right off the bat we are blessed with a melodic beat and a hard and smooth flow to go along with it. This album was him expressing his roots and really feeling emotion in his songs. I believe this is his best piece of work seeing that it came from his heart.
Honorable mentions:

For the latest Album, Rarri has given us #FREEBENTLEY


In this album, we see Rarri's catchy choruses and jumpy beats. Upon first listen you might think this album isn't that deep...which it's not. free bently is Rarri's "lets have fun" album and is well deserved too. Every artist should make music they like, not just for the fans and clout. Nonetheless, Rarri still stepped up to the plate with cock in hand and gave us an album filled with exquisite beats and no remorse towards his to flow anybeat to his liking. This album is just a shred off the top of his abilities and shows us his potential into what he can become.


Xanny Land Ep - A short tie over for the wait for his next project.


This EP has a freeflow vibe and was made early in his career. Listening to this and then comparing it to his work now can show his growth in comfort on beats and rhymes

RAWRI ep - This is Rarri's latest work and a collab with a little know producer Rawbone.


In this beauty of an EP, Crash Rarri shows both his up and going side and his in the feels flows. Rawbone is the best counterpart for Rarri and it is clear. You can almost smell the potential in the air with these two. Every song on this EP was undoubtedly good and I cant wait for more of them in the future.


Cry Sometimes


This is Rarri's newest sad boy song and truly knowcked it out of the park. In the song he goes on to sing about him taking L's and living in the ghetto. The song shows his emotional side once again and lets us know that we are all human in the end

Hood rat


Hoodrat is a prime example of rarri in his home with exactly his type beat. On this track he talks about how he will forever stick with his gang and make sure they all get out.

Other Singles from this year

Lost My Mind - Another Collab with Rawbone, truly a great combo once again. This is his most popular song on all of his platforms.
Stretch Out - A hard single from this year that shows his rather aggressive side and how his not afraid to get his hands dirty
No Love - :daffy:

His media:


This is my first blog post, I made this a while ago but have added lots more and made it much easier to read. huge thanks to Offset for letting me do this and hope you enjoyed
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