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Best Blog Article - April

  • thehatsmol - Are You Bored Yet? (featuring Clairo) - Wallows [Review]

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Hey - another monthly poll here.

If you haven't read all of them (or don't know what I'm talking about) - you can find the blog at

To the author with the most votes, you get 2 free months of MVP (if you already have it, you can either give it to someone or I can add it onto your current MVP)
To the author with the second most votes, you get a free month of MVP (same rules apply as above)

If you'd like to become an author for the blog - make a post in the support section ( ) with a small sample of something you've written (a paragraph or two will suffice) - with a title something along the lines of "Blog Author Submission"

A note that votes will be per author in the interest of fairness - multiple articles by the same author will have their votes tallied together.

Poll will be open for 3 days!