August Monthly Donation Campaign

August Monthly Donation Campaign

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Operating this site is expensive - between hosting, software licenses, and other fees, the money goes quickly. We rely on donations and account upgrades in order to keep the site operational and work on new features to improve your experience. These donation campaigns are a way for us to get the money we need in order to maintain the site without having to paste ads all over the site - we only run a single banner ad and don't intend to add more advertising to the site.

Thanks for all your support!

As always, upgrade your account before donating here:

  • The top donator gets a custom MS paint drawing made by our resident child @Alek.
  • The top donator also recieves a custom role in our Discord server - with any color or name they want (that doesn't imply staff) - pending approval by an Administrator.
  • Anyone who donates to this campaign is entered into a giveaway for 1 month of Champion role - regardless of if you donate $1 or $100. 1 entry per person (so multiple donations don't count for multiple entries).


End date
Aug 31, 2019


  1. Life and Advice Sxn
    $100.00 of $100.00 - reached!
    If we reach this goal (of 100 USD), we'll completely rip off KTT and add a life and advice section - most likely restricted so only users with 25/50 (not sure yet) posts can post in the section.

    This is something we wouldn't normally add, but we've had a lot of requests for it lately so....
  2. Campaign goal
    $119.00 of $500.00

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